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  1. Jcorliss92

    Possible vent gleet/egg bound

    My 3 month sapphire gem started laying maybe 3 weeks ago. My top hen started pecking at the gems vent and making her bleed. They were separated. Now she has poop stuck to her and yesterday she stained to either to lay or poop. Nothing came out. She did lay the day before. I gave her a bath...
  2. Jcorliss92

    What funny/weird things have your chickens done?

    My Roxy didn't care who was in the nesting box, she was laying an egg!
  3. Jcorliss92

    What is wrong?!

    Olive, my nh red is now 30 weeks. Has not laid yet and is about 3 pounds. Mid September, she had coccidiosis and the vet gave her albon. She seemed fine. Then a couple weeks ago she was off again, sleeping almost all the time and occasionally having yellow diarrhea.She eats and drinks here and...
  4. Jcorliss92

    Coccidiosis again?!

    My Olive began having symptoms of coccidia when she was 14 weeks. I had started giving her corid. Seemed to work at first, fixing the watery poop. At 22 weeks, (9/14) her fecal float showed her having coccidia and she had bloody poop. The vet gave her albon for 10 days. She improved the next...
  5. Jcorliss92

    Albon and probiotics?

    My Olive Oil (23 weeks now) had a fecal float done at 21 weeks and came back positive with coccidia. Vet wanted to see her at some point. I had started with corid and it took a few days for her to finally perk up and started eating. At her visit, (this past Monday) I had brought in poop from...
  6. Jcorliss92

    Golden comet

    I bought this pretty Golden Comet (10 weeks) as a friend for my Olive Oil (whom just lost her best friend to a predator). I just want to make sure she is a pullet. I know the comb is still small but the tail feathers do seem long
  7. Jcorliss92

    New chicken mom! A little curious.

    I bought 2 nh reds back in June and they were 9 weeks. They're now going on 18 weeks next week and one seems to not be as developed as the other? The red, growing comb is Sweet pea and the small comb is Olive Oil. Olive Oil's tail isn't as perky as Sweet Pea's as well so I'm a little curious if...
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