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  1. new2chickens2011

    Comb Nearly Torn Off!

    Hi all, Today when I was feeding my four hens I noticed that one, Ruth, had a torn comb! On further examination I saw that it was torn about halfway off and was just dangling there! Now I have been out of town for a few days and so this is the first day since Saturday that I have seen the hens...
  2. new2chickens2011

    Help-wing BADLY pecked

    Hi, I have a new hen, Poppy, whom I was trying to integrate into the rest of the flock. All was going pretty well, just a little mild pecking. However, this morning I went out to find her entire wing all bloody and pecked, flesh exposed and lots of feathers gone. She was walking around and...
  3. new2chickens2011

    How to Integrate

    Hi all, A bit of a problem. I have four hens who are a year old, and one new one who is six months old. I was planning to integrate them slowly, first putting Poppy (the new one) first with the friendliest older hen, and then the next, until they are all together. However, all of them chase the...
  4. new2chickens2011

    Any guesses? 5 week old Delaware.

    Hello!! This is Dixie, a Delaware supposed pullet who is either five or six weeks old, not exactly sure. She is so much bigger than the others (THICK legs/feet) and seems to have a more developed comb and wattles. At this age, does anyone have any guess yet as to whether she is a girl or boy...
  5. new2chickens2011

    Help with the Heat!

    Hello all, Where I live the heat in the summer is CRAZY! Over 100 degrees pretty much every day. ALL summer. This is the first summer I've had chickens. They aren't laying right now, presumably because of the heat? Which is fine, they deserve a break! :) But what can I do to make them more...
  6. new2chickens2011

    Why do my girls lay small eggs?

    So I know that when hens start laying the eggs for the first month are small. But my girls have been laying since January, and the eggs are still small!! Is there anything I should be doing differently or feeding differently? Just wonderin. Thanks!
  7. new2chickens2011

    Help! Comb all bloody! WHy?

    Hi, So my favorite hen, Ruth the Black Australorp's comb is all bloody. THis morning when I went out to feed them I checked for eggs in the nest box and I saw blood! So I went out to see all the chickens and sure enough, Ruth's comb had a LOT of blood on it. She ate with the others like normal...
  8. new2chickens2011

    Is Pearl a New Hampshire?

    Howdy! This is Pearl, and she's about eight months old. I got her at a feed store as a chick and she is supposed to be a New Hampshire. She just doesn't look like a lot of others I've seen-not much black on her tail feathers, her coloring seems different, she's really little and skinny (except...
  9. new2chickens2011

    Integrating Solo Birdie in with Adults

    Okay. So, I know there are a LOOOTTT of threads on the subject. If I had one chick, just one, and raised it alone, could it be integrated with older birds (about seven months older) when it is big enough? That is my simple question. :P Is it possible? If so, how would I go about it? Thanks in...
  10. new2chickens2011

    Favorite Bantams?

    What are your favorite bantam breeds? I don't know much about bantams, only LF, so that's why there are so few choices! If you choose "other" list the one you pick! And why. :) Thank you, I'm hoping this will help me get to know bantams better so that hopefully I can get some this year! :)
  11. new2chickens2011

    Newbie Duck Questions!-PLEEEASE help :)

    Hi y'all, So, I live in the city, and my yard is about a quarter acre..I have four chickens and I want to get two ducks. My concern is that they will be really loud and then I will get in trouble and possibly have to get rid of my chickens! These ducks would be kept at the very back of the yard...
  12. new2chickens2011

    Trying to Convince Friend to Get Chickens-Easy Coop Ideas!

    Hi y'all, So I have almost completely convinced my friend to get some chickens. However, he doesn't have a whooole lot of time, money, or experience for coop building. But he's super excited for farm fresh eggs and really loves my chickens! I need some of your easiest but good coop ideas to show...
  13. new2chickens2011

    Old Turn X Incubator

    Hi all, I've "inherited" a Turn X incubator (unsure of what model, will check in a bit) that is probably from the 70s. Does anyone still use these OLD models? How do they work? Are they difficult to use? I haven't hatched anything yet, but this year is the year I'm going to start! Also, the...
  14. new2chickens2011


    First egg was laid today and I am sooooo excited. I am pretty sure it was from my 25 week old Australorp, Ruth. It's sooo exciting!! Woohoo!! I'm so happy!! Hahaha Yaaay!!! Ruth's egg on the left, next to a Large Eggland's Best egg:
  15. new2chickens2011

    Would this work?

    Hi all, So, here's my situation. I have four hens, (Barred rock, Australorp, B. Orpington, and a New Hampshire), who are six months old. I have room for one, just one more chicken in the coop, but that's it, and I REALLY want blue/green/whatever color eggs--I want an EE. So in the spring I'll be...
  16. new2chickens2011

    WHEN will my Australorp hen lay?

    I am sooo impatient, I know. But I'm so excited! She is 23 weeks. Does she look anywhere close? Can you tell? Thanks for any input. :)
  17. new2chickens2011

    Surprised myself! First time processing.

    So, after worrying and worrying about getting too attached to my three Cornish X, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, it went very well! I did not do the killing, but I had no problem taking out the guts and plucking, like I thought I would. And now they are in the fridge! I am just really happy...
  18. new2chickens2011

    Stray Duck! What breed?

    Hi all, Yesterday we found this duck walking around our (city) neighborhood! Seems to be a pet but still we couldn't catch it. Anyway, he/she just sat on our driveway for a while. Any ideas on breed? I only know chickens, not ducks, but was wondering is it a Muscovy? And boy or girl? If you can...
  19. new2chickens2011

    What's Wrong with my Cornish X?

    Hello, My Cornish X are eleven weeks old, and they are due to be butchered Monday. However, today, I noticed one of them with its comb flopped over, not walking, toes curled, having difficulty breathing. I separated him and got him to drink water, and within twenty minutes he was running around...
  20. new2chickens2011

    Quietest Duck Breeds?

    Hi, I'm new to ducks..wanting to get a few. What are the quietest breeds? I live in the city and don"t want tooooo much noise. I have a few chickens, and they aren't too loud. Are ducks louder than chickens? Thanks!
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