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    Are they big enough to go into the coop?

    I have two seven week old chicks and i was wondering if they will be roughly the same size as my hens in a week or two so that they could go into the coop?
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    Chicken safe plants in the run

    I was thinking about putting some medium bushes in my chickens run. what plants are safe and which are not? is this a good idea, i really don't care if they shred the bushes just something to keep them entertained. Are there any plants that chickens like better? thanks in advance
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    When can chicks eat layer feed?

    I have two chicks that in a week or two should be big enough to move into the coop with the big girls and i was wondering if 8 weeks old is still to young for laying feed and if i should feed grower feed with oyster shell available instead of layer feed? Thanks in advance
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    Three hens why only an egg every other day?

    I have three hens that i purchased and they are 8-9 months old but why am i getting only one egg every other day? is it possible two aren't laying yet? could some chickens never lay an egg?
  5. Me + Peeps

    Losing feathers from tail

    One of my hens is losing feathers from the base and bottom of tail. at first i thought it was molting but chickens molt from the head down. Is this some kind of partial molt or is it a disease or infection? thanks in advance.
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    What are signs of molting? what molts first?
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    8 month old hens only one is laying

    I have three 8-9 month old wyandotte hens and only 1 lays. is there anything that can help them start? is it possible they will never lay?
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    What are good treats?

    I havee just managed to get my ne w chickens to like me and i am trying to find good treats for them i have given them watermelon and they love it and tomorrow morning i will give them corn cobs with some corn still on it is there anything else i should try?
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    How to tame chickens?

    i got three chickens that were not kept in the best conditions and are not tame i have sat in the run with them hours at a time trying to feed them treats out of my hand the closest they ever came was around 6-8 in when i was dead still. i would really like chickens that i could pick up and...
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    They won't leave the coop

    I got three hens and last night was their first night in the coop and on another thread i was told because they wouldn't get off the roost that i should be able to let them out. and they just hang out inside i would like to see them walking around and i would like my dog to get used to seeing...
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    still on the roost

    I just got some laying hens and they have been on the roost all morning it is 9 here, what time do they usually get off?
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    Oyster shell

    I have three laying hens and i was wondering how much oyster shell i should give them and how i should give it to them?
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    Will chickens raise chicks that they didn't hatch?

    I have three three and a half week old chicks and i was wondering if a wyandotte would raise them or not?
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    Wish me luck

    For the past few months i have been trying to get chickens that are about to lay or have already started to lay and i knew someone in my neighborhood had chickens because i could hear a rooster So today i went by and talked to him but he only had two chickens... but his friend has a ranch and a...
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    Ordering from privett

    I am thinking of ordering four or five chicks from privett hatcheries, does anyone have any positive/negative feedback from ordering from them?
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