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  1. hannalice

    Inter-chicken aggression? Also: hen trying to crow?

    Hey all! Couple of questions for ya: I bought three new hens to add to my (newly depleted) flock about a week and a half ago. I've been keeping them separate from the two left of the previous flock, letting them all get used to each other. The other day, I just opened the gate between the...
  2. hannalice

    Coop Re-Boot

    My coop makeover is just about done! After using my coop for about a year, I found out a lot of what I wanted to change, namely an extra window and to open the whole thing up, no more duplex. Before: Unpainted, moved into just before it was actually finished last year, then never got...
  3. hannalice

    Insulating qualities of sand?

    I'm seeing sand all over the place on the forum for use *in* the coop. I'd love to use it, but how well does it insulate the floor in the winter time? My coop isn't insulated, but I used the deep bedding method over this past winter and my girls came through a rough VT winter pretty well. Just...
  4. hannalice

    Black Cochins and Polish pullets

    I'm having a devil of a time finding someone with Banty Black Cochins, or any variation of Polish. If anyone has any available locally (Brattleboro, VT area- willing to drive around an hour in any direction) or is willing to ship, let me know. I'm also willing to wait and see who has what at the...
  5. hannalice

    Landscape cloth or hardware cloth under sand run?

    My question is pretty well stated in the subject. I'm "remodeling" my coop and run, and being the relatively inexperienced builder-type that I am, I didn't think about the fact that the rocks I covered with sand in my pen would find their way up to the surface. Well, wow did they ever. I'm...
  6. hannalice

    Anyone know of someone who processes in the Brattleboro, VT area?

    My meaties are ready to go, but the person I had in mind to process won't get back in touch with me. Yes, I could do it myself, but I really have no place to do it, and absolutely no desire to either. Any ideas would be great!
  7. hannalice

    Friend's broody took in 3 week old chicks!

    Just wanted to share... like a dummy, I didn't have my camera with me. I was brooding 5 Minorca chicks and 5 Ideal 236 chicks for a friend, along with my own birds. Said chicks started picking on my broiler chicks to the point of bloodying them, and after they started in on the second broiler...
  8. hannalice

    *sigh* Tail picking in 2 week old chicks.

    So my chicks are 2 1/2 weeks old, and are starting to get into trouble. (Actually, it's the Minorcas and the Ideal 236's getting into trouble... high strung little buggers!) Checked the peeps at 2 this afternoon and everything was fine. Went up to check on them at 5:30 and found a Minorca and a...
  9. hannalice

    Apples in the last few weeks before slaughter?

    Hey all, Just wanted to get proof of something. Years ago my uncle used to raise turkeys, and would feed them apples in addition to the commercial feed for the last few weeks, saying it would sweeten their meat. True? Or an old wives tale? I was gonna do this with this batch of meaties, but if...
  10. hannalice

    Babies are here!!!

    I had to put a lot of effort into not SQUEALING into the post office workers' ear when I got the call this morning, bright and early! They eating, drinking, pooping, running, playing, and sleeping, they seem to have come through great! There's some loud unhappy peeping coming from the spare room...
  11. hannalice

    Lightweight tractor w/ foxes about?

    Hey all, I've been given permission to tractor meat birds on a friend's property (having no useable land of my own), but I'm wondering about construction of a (fairly) lightweight tractor when we know for a fact that they have foxes around? I'll need to be able to move this by hand, so I'm...
  12. hannalice

    Coop in progress! Edit: DONE!

    Just pimping my page- I'm so excited about this set up!
  13. hannalice

    Theoretical Coop (w/ pics)

    Hey all! I've been playing with coop designs all day and figured I'd post them here for feedback (plus I just want to share!) The design is based off a few different designs posted here previously (Thanks BYCers!! ) and is pretty basic. It's also been drawn in it's entirety by someone who only...
  14. hannalice

    Hello from Vermont!

    Hey all! Just thought I'd introduce myself- I hail from Vermont at the moment, and I'm going to have chickens again (!!!) pending approval from my landlords. I had chickens as a teenager (not so very long ago) and had a ton of fun with them, I've been missing my birds! This will be the first...
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