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  1. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duck wings twitching

    Hello! My 6 month Cayuga has recently started twitching her wings earlier today. She started laying last week and it’s been in the mid 70’s. I don’t know why she has started doing this and I would also like to know if this indicates anything wrong. Thanks so much! Here is a video of when she...
  2. TheCookyChickenLady

    Loud duck!

    Hi! I have 3 2 month old ducks and the Cayuga quacks/honks really, really loudly whenever I go outside and she sees me, why is this? She is quite friendly and I don’t think it’s out of fear, many times she does it whilst running up to me. I am not particularly annoyed by the behavior it’s just...
  3. TheCookyChickenLady

    Raising ornamentals with domestic

    Hello! I am raising some Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, and Blue Swedish ducks right now. I really like ornamental duck breeds but they are not very friendly normally. I was thinking I maybe eventually could have my friendly, domesticated ducks hatch out and raise the ornamentals in hopes they would...
  4. TheCookyChickenLady

    Flock raiser for ducklings?

    Hi! I have 3 almost 3 week old ducklings and I have been feeding them flock raiser. My question is, should I add oats or something else to lower the protein? They are blue Swedish, Cayuga, and welsh harlequin if that makes any difference. I haven’t seen any angel wing and they are all seeming...
  5. TheCookyChickenLady

    Clipping bantam wings

    Hello! I got another Serama hen almost 2 months ago and she has been molting her feathers. She is the smallest Serama I’ve had but her flight feathers seem big enough to clip, what do y’all think? I have to clip her wings to let her free range as she is an extremely good flyer and we have...
  6. TheCookyChickenLady

    Flock Raiser for ducklings

    Hello! I have 3 2week old ducklings and I just ran out of their duckling starter. I was thinking of getting flock raiser crumble as I have heard good things from friends that raise ducks. Is this a good feed? Would I need to add nutritional yeast for niacin? How much? They are Cayuga, Swedish...
  7. TheCookyChickenLady

    Serama flight feathers

    Hello! I got another Serama hen almost 2 months ago and she has been molting her feathers. She is the smallest Serama I’ve had but her flight feathers seem big enough to clip, what do y’all think? I have to clip her wings to let her free range as she is an extremely good flyer and we have...
  8. TheCookyChickenLady

    Ducklings eating shavings?

    Here I am again, with another duck question.My ducklings are 12 days old and have been on towels since I got them when they were 3 days old as one seemed to injest something most likely as shaving and was having issues swallowing, she’s good now but that worried me so they got put on towels...
  9. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duckling grit

    Hello! I have 3 almost 2 week old ducklings. I have been letting them swim for 6 minutes at a time in a bathtub with about an inch of water. I started adding some bits of herbs from our garden into the water to interest them yesterday (Oregano, thyme, mint, basil) not much at all, just a pitch...
  10. TheCookyChickenLady

    Help! Duckling missing fluff.

    Hello! I have some 9 day old ducklings and one of them is missing spots on their neck. This started happening a couple days ago and has been getting bigger. I am very worried this could be a skin condition. I don’t see the other ducklings overly pecking at it but she does seem to be preening it...
  11. TheCookyChickenLady

    Missing fluff

    Hello! One of my ducklings is looking a little odd. They are all 8 days old. Her fluff looks a little strange, the fluff is a little more seperated. I think this could be so to some bigger feathers coming in. She also has a spot missing fluff on one side of her neck. It’s doesn’t look overly...
  12. TheCookyChickenLady

    Serama Bantam Tips

    Hey! I have a few Seramas and was wondering if y’all have any tips for care for them or bantams as a whole! I love learning new things to help my chickens! Thanks! (p.s. I attached a pic of one of my Serama’s, Penelope exploring an old rabbit pen!)
  13. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duckling brooder upgrade

    Hi! I currently have 3 five day old ducklings living in a 3.3’x 1.7’ in an old guinea pig/rabbit cage(the small type that they sale at big pet stores). I was thinking of upgrading to a baby pool in a few days. I currently have them on bath towels as they were on shavings first and one tried to...
  14. TheCookyChickenLady

    Bantam enrichment

    Hello all, Not sure if this is the right topic selection but I have a Serama bantam hen that is currently hanging out in the enclosed run part of the coop and gets quite bored. The coop is quite large and she is a quite small bird so space isn’t an issue. I got her from a friend a month ago. She...
  15. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duckling poop

    I haven’t had ducklings before so I was wondering if there poop looks normal to you guys. They have only had water and crumble, they are 5 days old. Some are more splattered that others, and some have the white uric acid on them. They are on towels for the moment as one of them attempted to...
  16. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duckling with a little drool/mucus

    Hello all, Ugh! All was well yesterday until I was changing their towels for the night. I picked one of my ducklings up to put her in a box with the other ones whilst I cleaned their cage and she released a line of dool/mucas(it came from her mouth though). I have heard about chicken...
  17. TheCookyChickenLady

    Brooder bedding change

    Hello! I have three 4 day old ducklings living on towels in a 3.3’x 1.7’ brooder. I am currently changing the bedding once at night and again in mid day, is this good?
  18. TheCookyChickenLady

    Purple comb

    Hello all, I got a Serma hen to add to my flock of other bantams about a month ago and her comb has turned purple-ish on one part. She can FLY and seems to do it a lot without being provocated in the slightest. Because of this I wanted/need to clip one of her wings, however, she decided to...
  19. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duckling treat

    Hello! I got a treat called BabyCake by Farmers’ Helper from a local feed store going out of business a month ago along with other items to prepare for my ducks. I didn’t read up about the product and I was wondering could my ducklings have it? It’s designed for chicks but the lady at the store...
  20. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duckling sniffling a tad while eating

    Hi all! One of my ducklings, a welsh harlequin seems to be sniffling a bit every so often as she eats/drinks water. I tried to film a video but you cannot hear it in the video as they make quite a commotion as they eat and drink. She doesn’t do it every bite she takes just a couple times each...
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