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  1. Seesagirl

    Buff orpington and...buff orpington?

    So we got this bunch of chickens a while back, and we were told these two were buff orpingtons. The one is clearly a buff, but the other doesn't look like a buff to me. Am I wrong? What breed might she be?
  2. Seesagirl

    Best breeds to buy

    I'm finally getting more chicks! I had a flock years ago and it got wiped out by bears. We moved to a new place and we're getting everything set up next week for a huge chicken coop! I'm over the moon to have chickens again. Unfortunately, due to availability, I may not be able to get exactly...
  3. Seesagirl

    Is this is a brahma?

    We have this lovely lady running around with our barred rocks. I either know or have looked up what all of our chicks would've looked like (all of this year's chicks but this one were lost to sickness or predator), and she doesn't look like any of them. The closest is a brahma, but she doesn't...
  4. Seesagirl

    will eating a dead copperhead kill chickens?

    This may be the wrong forum but here goes. My husband killed a 2 foot copperhead and was too tired afterward to deal with body and left it on a concrete thing in our yard overnight. Our chickens were doing fine at that time, he checked on them for the night, etc. This evening, the snake body...
  5. Seesagirl

    is this a turkey or chicken chick?

    So...we have counted many times, and always come up one chick too many. This one is smaller but faster than the others. The wings have a different tip shape than any chick I've seen before. We have wild turkeys in our yard often. We wonder if a mama turkey was nearby with her babies and one...
  6. Seesagirl

    Roo or hen? Australorps

    They're about 5-6 weeks old, and straight run. They look so different, one has more pronounced tail feathers...what do y'all think? (As usual, BYC site and app are both being annoying and not letting me do pictures in the post. I think. I'm hoping I can add them after I post it...)
  7. Seesagirl

    Frizzle? Pretty sure he's a roo

    This is a silver penciled Cochin bantam. About six weeks old, pretty sure roo; stands up to full grown Australorps, has a bright red comb and wattles and has had them for at least a week or more, etc. Can't wait to hear his crow; his cheeping is adorable trilling!! His feathers started curling...
  8. Seesagirl

    combining my flock

    I have six pullets that are about eight weeks old, seven that are about four weeks old, and two that are about two weeks old. The youngest two and one of the four weekers are straight run bantams. The four week bantam and one of the eight week pullets are looking or acting like roos, but of...
  9. Seesagirl

    Roo or hen?

    Little sweetie is a d'Uccle I'm pretty sure, maybe a mille fleur. About four weeks old. Lightning had a buddy, but Fluffernut got stepped on by my five year old and made the trip to the coop in the sky. :( So I have nobody to compare Lightning to. Her/his comb started getting red faster than any...
  10. Seesagirl

    lethargic chick!!

    She's acting very lethargic, barely wakes up when I hold her. I can even flip her to her back if I do it gently. Her legs might be a little splayed, but that could be her just staying balanced. She waddles when she walks, and when she's sleeping, her breathing makes her rock a little bit. But...
  11. Seesagirl

    RIR roo or hen?

    Brownie. Beautiful wing and chest feathers, none on his back, barely any tail, head starting to come in. Comb bigger than my other RIR, Flames, and she's got most of her feathers, looks like a miniature chicken already. He looks like an overgrown chick. They're the same size. He also acts...
  12. Seesagirl

    what kind of bantams are these?

    The store said assorted bantams. In another thread somebody said partridge cochin, I'd like to know lol!
  13. Seesagirl


    I was told these are bantam silkies, I'm assuming these will turn out to be gray silkies, would that be correct? Lightning Fluffernut
  14. Seesagirl

    she's beautiful! ...what is she lol?

    Meet Buttercup! The store told us she was an Aruacana. The other 'Aruacana' we got, Sunshine, is looking like an Easter Egger, white with green-gray legs. Buttercup is gorgeous, but I have no clue as to her breed. Any ideas? She appears to be about 4-5 weeks old right now.
  15. Seesagirl

    I totally understand chicken math now

    I've heard about chicken math, and understood it in theory, kind of like understanding the rush of jumping out of an airplane even though you've never done it. I got my first six chicks a couple of weeks ago. Two Buff Orps, two Rocks, and two labeled Aruacana, even though I'm pretty sure one is...
  16. Seesagirl

    Meet our girls!! And please tell me if they aren't

    Flames Brownie Sunshine Starlight Midnight Buttercup Flames and Brownie are Buff Orpingtons, Starlight and Midnight are Plymouth Rocks, and Sunshine and Buttercup are Aurucanas. All of them are about the same size, except Buttercup is a little bigger, I think a week older. My main...
  17. Seesagirl

    Fencing ideas

    I plan to have a four-plot rotational garden with a chicken moat around it. One of the plots will be compost, and my girls will have access to it. The following year, I'll rotate, and they'll have access to a different plot for composting...etc. Instead of having permanent fencing around each of...
  18. Seesagirl

    Newbie!! Need to know coop building tips!

    I plan to get my chicks next spring, using this coming winter to research, select the breeds I want, design and build the coop, build the run, etc. I would like to have about a dozen chickens, with room to grow. How big of a coop do I need? I plan to fence in my new garden (we just moved) and...
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