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  1. Peruvian

    Pastured Poultry Tractor/Processing Equipment - S. VT

    For sale equipment to get into pastured poultry raising and processing inlcuding: 2'x2'x6' brooder 3 heat lamps 2 one gallon waterers 1 quart waterer 8'x10' hoop coop mobile tractor with automatic waterer and two feed troughs Galvinized hanging feeder 160' electric net with charger Whizbang...
  2. Peruvian

    2014 - 194 3/4lbs in the freezer

    We ordered 40 CX delivered in April and processed them today. We lost one in the brooder and another in the 5th week. Today was processing day. No action shots but here's our outdoor abbitoir. Killing cones. Scalder, plucker, processing station. 8 weeks and 700 lbs of feed...
  3. Peruvian

    Best cover for a 'hoop coop' tractor?

    I have a 8'x10' hoop house tractor that I raise my broilers in. It's covered with 'heavy duty' poly tarps that I bought at TSC. Unfortunately they only last 2 years before shredding due to UV, hot/cold, snow, etc. I've tried the silver/black and green/black models but both last about the...
  4. Peruvian

    NY Time article on 'four star' chickens

    This is a pretty funny article for those of us that have seen behind the green curtain.
  5. Peruvian

    2013 birds in the freezer

    We ordered 40 CX chicks from Burr Farm and received 41 on April 25th. Two were lost quickly (3 days in shipping). They stayed in the brooder in the garage for 3 weeks and then moved to the front yard into a hoop house tractor. We lost one to 'flip' (first time ever) at 6 weeks. We processed...
  6. Peruvian

    First batch of 2012 done

    Just about 30 birds in the freezer. Don't they look fresh and tasty!
  7. Peruvian

    Fi-Shock SS-440 solar energizer for Kencove net?

    I'm looking to add a solar charger for my Kencove netting (164'). I asked in the Coop/Run forum if anyone has experience with the Fi-Shock SS-440 model as the fellow at Agway told me it would work for up to 3 nets, but my other research says it won't pack enough punch for even 1. Any first...
  8. Peruvian

    Is there a decent solar fence charger for around $100?

    I just bought some used Kencove electric netting (164') and am now in the market for a solar fence charger. I'd rather not drop $175 or more and wonder if there are any ones that deliver .25 joules that run $100 or so that folks recommend. Brand names, model numbers, and links are much...
  9. Peruvian

    36" electro netting okay for meat bird protection?

    I know most folks use 48" high electric netting for poultry (like this - However, I've got a line on some inexpensive electro-net used for sheep that's only 36" high and has 3"x6" holes. Would this be appropriate to keep out...
  10. Peruvian

    Finding organic feed becoming difficult where you are?

    I have been raising 60 or so birds per year for the last 5 years and am finding that fewer feed stores are carrying organic feed. One farm/mill about 1 1/2 hours from me has 'non-certified' organic feed (good enough for me) regularly but any of the feed/seed stores only special order it. Is...
  11. Peruvian

    Repurposed Hoop Coop - need help winterizing

    We have raised between 50-60 broilers per summer over the last 4 years. I built a 8' x 10' hoop coop 'tractor' for those broilers and it has worked well. We decided to get some layer hens and I thought I would use the hoop coop to get us through the winter. Adopting ideas from some coops I've...
  12. Peruvian

    My outdoor abittoir

    I've shared photos of my set up before, but I thought I would post some photos that I took today when we processed 25 more birds (we do between 50-60/yr for our own household). Here's where they spend their first 3 weeks: Here's my hoop house tractor that the birds live in for 5 weeks...
  13. Peruvian

    2-3 gallon jugs for killing cone question

    I've used milk jugs in the past and last year bought some too-small metal cones from eBay. This year, I'll keep it cheap and would like to find some 2-3 gallon jugs to use as killing cones. Anyone have an idea of what type of product would come in a suitable sized container?
  14. Peruvian

    Lost 5 of 31 CX from Meyer's Hatchery

    This was my first time ordering from Meyers (I've ordered from Moyers and Welp in the past). I ordered 30 male chicks. Received 31 but 2 died in the box - a first for me. Then within 48 hrs, 3 more died. All had water and food, a 95 deg. brooder, etc. I have raised CX for several years...
  15. Peruvian

    How many hens in a dog house coop?

    I am thinking of getting some layers and like the ease and mobility of a dog house coop. Assuming a large dog house, how many hens can it fit for a year round coop with an attached run?
  16. Peruvian

    First 100 lbs of feed GONE!

    31 CX from Welp arrived 30 days ago. They are just finishing the first 100 lb bag of feed. Only 4 more bags to go before they will be ready for processing.
  17. Peruvian

    Processing turkeys at 14 weeks?

    Is it realistic to process BBW or BBB turkeys at 14 weeks? I want to order some with my next batch of chicks for Thanksgiving but will only have about 14 wks to do it.
  18. Peruvian

    Looking for killing cone ideas

    I have been using 1 gallon jugs with the top and bottom cut off as killing cones. It works fine but the plastic is rather weak and they can be too small for bigger birds. I am trying to think of other ideas for home made cones and think a thicker plastic, larger bottle would be better than a...
  19. Peruvian

    Stop overfeeding your CX

    I've read a lot of folks on this board who state how they will never raise Cornish X Rocks again because they are so lazy, prone to 'flip' and lame legs, etc. While my wife was at the feed store the other day the fellow was explaining why she needs more feed, etc. because he raises his CX to 13...
  20. Peruvian

    New batch just arrived - update at 8 1/2 weeks (photos of processing)

    I ordered 25 CX and 5 K-22 from Moyer's in Quakerstown, PA which arrived today. They shipped Weds, 5/6 and were at the post office this morning. All survived the trip and are drinking and eating well. They are in a 2x6' brooder I built with a heat lamp, reflective bubble wrap, and a sheet...
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