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  1. gertiie

    Chicken eludes police !!!! Rooster eludes trooper, survives leap from bridge Zilwaukee, Mich. A runaway rooster remains at large after eluding a Michigan State Police trooper and taking a leap from a bridge. The...
  2. gertiie

    I have a confession to make

    ...... I havent eaten any of their eggs yet I have one red laying for 2 weeks now, I have every single one of her eggs. I have not even cracked one open yet . I have my other red started laying 2 days ago. I think I am going to cook and scramble all the eggs up and give them to them. I...
  3. gertiie

    First Egg !!!! And a question

    My girls are 16 weeks , give or take a day or two . Yesterday morning they got leftover bacon , eggs, hashbrowns and an english muffin with strawberry jelly . LOL I went to take them out their afternoon salad and ......... We got our first egg yesterday !!!!! Now how do I convince them to...
  4. gertiie

    Remember that FREE chicken food sample...UPDTD W/ PIC

    Well it came in a brown paper bag, folded over, about a cup worth. It was sitting on my kitchen table since last week. I was walking by it this morning , and noticed "dust particle" things on it. Curious I brushed it off a little bit. Then I noticed the dust particle were M O V I N G Are you...
  5. gertiie

    Poo Q

    I use the bagged pine shavings from Big R for the coop . When I am cleaning it out, and am thinking about using it as mulch in the garden, can anyone tell me about the break down of it, the composting of it. My husband plows the garden and he is thinking that it wouldnt be good for all that...
  6. gertiie

    Coop progress updated pics 6/4/11

    Today we are taking this and moving it , and shoving it into this And someone switched me at wok , so I have the day off today and now I have to go clean the coop , because the girls have been in it for a week , and the husband went to go get the Bobcat to move it ! And he got the...
  7. gertiie

    IT IS DONE ! Woot !

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The chickens ( I am calling them this until I am sure I have all hens) are now out in the garage in their new chicken house. Pics updated on my page. The computer room is cleaned out, and dust free, and...
  8. gertiie

    Our coop update with pictures It is scheduled to be moved back to it's hole and out of the garage, Memorial Day Weekend !! I am SO excited ! I have alot of painting to do on the inside ! I keep telling the DH that he is creating more things , just so I have to...
  9. gertiie

    Look what I made !

    OK so the husband is only home for a day on the weekends and now this week he is sick , so they ever growing chickens in my computer are quickly needing to go outside !! My sister and I went to town today , and she took me to Habitat for Humanity store, and I bought 6 screen windows and made...
  10. gertiie

    Which came first ? The chicken or the coop ??

    It amazes me how many people I read get their chickens FIRST before they have built their coop ! I know I fall under that classification myself. Is it impatience ? It is timing ? Is it the impulsiveness that takes over when you walk into the farm store and hear " cheep cheep cheep " and see...
  11. gertiie

    Here is a good deal I found on Craigs List Northern Indiana area

    It was in the Fort Wayne area listing under farm and garden . Only wish I found this about 3 weeks ago !!!!!!!
  12. gertiie

    well, is it too early to tell ?

    3 weeks old . Supposed to be 2 BSL, 2 BR, and 2 ISA Browns. Supposed to be all pullets too. What do you think ?
  13. gertiie

    My baby chickens horoscopes from the ZodiEgg

    ARIES (March 21 to April 19): Chickens born under the sign of Aries are natural leaders possessing a pioneering determined spirit, who wish to make their mark on the world. They cross the road to assert themselves and seek action, daring and adventure.
  14. gertiie

    Couple of questions

    Anyone know if TSC carries the water nipples or do you have to order them online ? And any epxerience with the nipples freezing in the winter months ?
  15. gertiie

    Ventalation /window question

    Yes I did search but not finding what I am looking for I guess. Ok Coop , 4 walls are framed, he (DH ) has windows framed the plan is to hardware cloth over the then, plexiglass in a track to be pulled up and down as needed. 2 windows in front , 2 in back, about torso high . I think we still...
  16. gertiie

    orI need help already

    I have to leave for work in 4 minutes, and I had to stop in at BYC to see if I missed anything in the last 2 hours, since I ran to town. Is there a 12 step program , or are the 12 steps, like chicken math ?
  17. gertiie

    Ok what do YOU think ?

    Last week, I went to TSC , wanted only 4 chicks, but since the 6 chick minimum, 6 came home with me. Had one weak one, and the DH and I discussed if we lose her, we would not replace her. He agreed. Well we lost the weak one. ( I have not named them, because I cannot tell them apart ! ) So I...
  18. gertiie

    Greetings from Northern Indiana

    First of all I want to say , thank you for such a wonderful website !!! Truely inspiring ! ( to me ) but a P.I.T.A. to my husband. Our ( his) garage is currently filled with a construction project that will eventually be my new chicken coop !!! LOL I am the new mommy of 6 soon to be ladies (...
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