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    Red Swollen Chick Butt

    My chick has a red swollen butt. It kinda looks like a human outie belly button because of the way it sticks out. Is this something harmful to the chick? Does it cause it pain? The other baby chicks pick at it to make it bleed but when left alone it doesn't bleed. What should I do? Thank you for...
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    What Breeds Can Breed? / How to Incubate Eggs Naturally with a Broody Momma Hen?

    Hello All - I have an RIR rooster and we are planning on breeding with him at the end of the month. I have ISA Browns, barred rocks, buff ops, and 1 Americana hen. I hatched some fertile eggs we got back in February and I got a which I am told is an ISA brown or red sex link which I am pretty...
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    Returning incubated Muscovy ducks to Mom

    Hello All - I have a question I am currently incubating about 20 Muscovy duck eggs that are supposed to start hatching today or tomorrow YAY!! I am curious about returning the babies back to their momma. I have 4 drakes and 1 duck (this is why we are hatching more 🤪) and I was wondering if I...
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    turkey abscess near butt

    I noticed one of my turkeys having this big red abscess near its butt. It had maggots, its quite large and its red. At first we thought its insides were outside but after further inspection, it is an abscess connected right outside the butt. Any ideas on what it could be or what to do to help...
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    First Turkey Egg!

    I was outside about to put all the chickens, turkeys and ducks in the cage for the night when I watched out of the corner of my eye, 1 of my turkeys laid there first egg. I know very little about turkeys. How often do they lay? Are they similar to chickens with there laying? Any insight on...
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    Odd Behavior in Turkey

    I have 2 turkeys. We are pretty positive we have 1 male and 1 female. A couple of weeks ago, the one we think is a male has been acting different. He will randomly spread his wings out then lay on the ground for a good few minutes then get back up and act normal again. I have heard about...
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    Missing Eggs

    1 of my hens layed our first egg on Friday the 14th around noon. On Saturday, we had 2 eggs total. 1 around 7am and 1 around noon. Sunday thru yesterday (Wednesday the 19th) we received 1 egg around 7am. 2 days this week we have randomly had a freckled brown egg. I have 2 ISA Browns, 2 Barred...
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    First egg!!!

    We got our first egg today. We arent 100% on who layed it but we are guessing it was one of the 19 week old ISA brown hens. Seemed a little early but still very exciting!😊
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    Muscovy Duck Genders

    I have 3 Muscovy Ducks that are 7 weeks old and im not quite sure on the Genders. Any ideas?
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    7 Week Old - Muscovy Ducks

    I have 3, 7 week old Muscovy Ducks. Any ideas on genders?
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    Muscovy Ducks - Male or Female?

    I have 3, 5 week old Muscovy Ducks. I know it may be a little early to tell but any guesses on whether they are male or female?
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    Female or Male?

    I have 2 White turkeys. Im not sure of the breed and im not sure on the genders. Please let me know what you think.
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    Hen or Roo?

    I think this is a Amerucana. Not sure if it is a Hen or a Roo though. Any ideas?
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    Hen or Roo?

    This Buff Rock is 16 weeks old and im still confused on if it is a hen or a roo. Any ideas?
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