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    Need Help!! 2 Lavender Ameracuana cockrels Need Home asap, Help!!

    So I farmed back in the day and cockrels were not a problem but being In City they are, but I am in Boise, ID area and I need some help asap to have someone take these Cockerels that are told they are males, and I grew them from eggs to 16 weeks and they are currently 16 going on 17 weeks but...
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    2 16 week Beautiful Lavender Ameracauna cockerels Need New Home

    Hey Ya all, So just found out I have 2 beautiful Cockrels that I just can’t have due to ordinance and just am unable to have them in Boise. So I need to to part ways and I have raised them from egg to 16weeks and it’s that or idk what to do with them, don’t want to kill them, but just would...
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    Cockerel or Hen?? Rare Lavender

    So what do you all think Cockerel or Hen? There 16 weeks and no crowing, no aggression!!
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    Lavender Ameracuana Male or Female??

    Hey ya all so we got some eggs and incubated and now 2 of them are looking like Male and idk cause some say there female, but these are rare lavender Ameracuana and that was why others say there hens. Idk what do you all think? I don’t want cockerels in my henhouse. But here is the thing, they...
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