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    Please help, 5mth old pullet going down fast!

    I have a 5mth old pullet that 2 days ago seemed fine. Yesterday evening I noticed she was laying in a corner in the yard. I threw some sunflower seeds and she didn’t come. She’s not one I have ever been able to pick up (hatched by a broody) but I tried to pick her up and she didn’t budge until...
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    Strange slimy looking white diarrhea

    Saw this odd looking poop in the run. I’ve read and looked at so many pics here on BYC til my phone is dying but can’t seem to find anything like this. these are the only odd poops I found, all others look big, nice and healthy. In the pic that has poop on a piece of mulch I was trying to...
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    17wks old. Is she a Jersey Giant?

    I bought her at a local feed store that said they buy from Myers. She was supposed to be a black copper marans. She is now 17wks old and much larger than the others. The feed store happened to find me a couple “BCM” mixed in the wrong cage but only one was was a BCM. Whatever she is they had...
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    Bloody in poop not sure what to treat with

    First time seeing bloody poop. I’ve read lots of posts but not sure what’s causing it to know how to treat it, if it needs treating? Has been going on for a couple of days. Pullets are 9 weeks old. I think it’s only one possibly two of the four I have because it’s not scattered where they all...
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    Obviously not a BCM

    I got what was supposed to be 2 BCM from a local feed store a few weeks ago, they are supplied by Meyers. One is definitely a BCM, is this one a black australorp? All help appreciated!
  6. T identify this...Warning Graphic pic!!

    From my reading on here my hen has gleet. I have soaked her in warm water got the poop off and after I took this pic I squeezed the prolapsed vent and got the remainder of poop out. She is leaking clear fluid. I guess my question is, I thought the white thick stuff around her prolapsed area was...
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    Cockerel running pullets out of coop!!

    First let me say my son lived next door got some chicks and I helped him and absolutely loved it! Which is what inspired me to have my own babies which are now 22 wks old. His are a bit older and have been laying for a few months. He has moved away in order to have work during this crazy year...
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    7wk old cockerel scabs on lower back

    Noticed a few days ago some red dots on his back but being new to this I assumed he was going to grow in new feathers, Wrong! Today I noticed these scabs on his back. I did see the little Ancona that’s next to him in the pic, pecking on his scabs. He ...(not she because the load of hormones...
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    Breed and sex if possible pls

    McMurray hatchery my surprise chic. 4 weeks old a little skittish but getting better.
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    3 wk old chicks have red around and above eyes

    Hi all, hope I’m posting in the correct area. Yes, I am new to raising chickens and I’m concerned now about a few of them. yesterday I noticed on 2 of my amber stars that it looks like they have red eyeliner on and a red spot right above the eye that looks like blood. A couple of other chicks...
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    Hi all from Breaux Bridge, La

    Hello and thanks for letting me join! I have been reading different posts on the forum here for a few weeks gaining so much insight...thanks for being such an active community, it helped me:) I live in the crawfish capitol but I may love chickens more. I have 3 grown children and now only 1...
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