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  1. quetsweyo

    duck with labored breathing

    half mallard, half campbell duck, approx. 2 months old has labored breathing with bobbing tail, no appetite for starter mash. Mouth closed, eyes and nostrils clear. drinks water and eats bugs with relish but wont eat mash or scratch grains. Poop normal. i am forcing wet, ground mash down her...
  2. quetsweyo

    no uploads at library

    very disappointed. the library has restrictions on the software in my digital camera and i cant upload . never be able to show all these pictures ive much for rhis technology. quetsweyo **Heavily edited** for you poor, sensitive souls who are offended by exclamation marks...
  3. quetsweyo

    Two-week hatch done at last!

    undefined:lol: Thirteen mixed ducklings from 1 day to 2weeks old, it's a free for all! Lost track of how many CampbellXRunners there are but last 3 for sure Last one's name is Shorts. Rest are blueXfawn/white Runners. I can't wait to see how they feather out, they are so danged cute now...
  4. quetsweyo

    COME ON Duckling limp, gasping, sudden

    A 3 day duckling that was fine an hour ago found panting, gasping. Limp in hand, rapid pulse, failing fast. Tried water, gently felt crop, throat-felt nothing. Lying on my chest, struggles a little, colapsed-heart stil beat mouth 2 mouth help not breathing heart still slow
  5. quetsweyo

    Mid-life identity crises #4

    undefined:/ i think i need to change my username/alter ego. Quetsweyo used to zip around from wilderness to wilderness in beloved kia sportage, running dogs, walking the woods off-trail, fishing, seeing wonders of nature. Now its stuck at home, futzing around on rinky-dink phone-puter...
  6. quetsweyo

    Lookin' for Juggalos!

    Out of the millions of peeps on byc i wuz wondering if there are any other Juggalos or Juggalettes out there Q.
  7. quetsweyo

    Abrupt end to post

    I was reading a post "yogurt and chicken throwing up" and when i got to the bottom of the page where it sez something like "the problem is that mot people just..." thats where it ended. Tried to go back and go to 2nd page but there wasnt one. Whats up with that? Q
  8. quetsweyo


    undefined:/ does anyone know if its safe to give NutriCal to duckling with deformed beak? Little dude needs an extra boost. I looked up NutriCal and it had different kinds for cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens. Id call my vet but they wont tell me, they want an appt. To answer a ?, and...
  9. quetsweyo

    Duckling with deformed bill, no nostrils

    undefined:( duckling, 3 days old, has bill that looks like nostril holes never closed-has narrow center but big normal tip. Tongue shows from side and makes wet, squishy noises as breathes thru mouth. Not as active as the other 6 ducklings. Always presses up against the palm of my hand...
  10. quetsweyo

    8 out of 9 ducklings pipped and peeping!

    undefined:D boo-ya!!! After Miss Gabby walked out on her eggs I put them in my incubator on 6-7. Tonite I have 8 pipped-peepers + one dead in the shell, it was about half developed and only died in last day or so( down feathers were just starting to slip ). One little guy has a deformed...
  11. quetsweyo

    Candling duck eggs

    undefined:P didja ever go ta candle your eggs thinkin ya'd killed em all coz your cheap incubator rose to 110F that day and youd adjusted it down and it hung at 90F:( for Dog knows how long and finally got it right AND THEN you see movement in most and could see one lil trooper pushing at...
  12. quetsweyo

    Deleting my own post

    Can i delete my own posts if i have a problem, ask for advice and no one has anything to say? Its upsetting to keep checking and finding nothing and if it was gone theres nothing to check. See? Or do i need to ask a moderator to do it? Quetsweyo
  13. quetsweyo

    Two ducks, one clutch of eggs

    undefined:/ ive got 1 blue runner, Gabby, 10 months old, who set on the "community clutch" the girls created in the duck house. They did one before under the house but it was still down to 25F at night then. Anyway, she sat on them about a week, I went into the hospital for 3 days, came...
  14. quetsweyo

    In Memory of Ruby

    Ruby was a dog who showed up in my yard one summer day in 2000, dragging a heavy chain attached to her thick neck with electrical tape, hopping on 3 legs- skin and bones, obviously mother to many litters. Abused she had finally escaped. She died in the early hours of May 28th. I hope I did...
  15. quetsweyo

    Addicted to petsg

    Have any of you BYC addicts figured out why chickens are so habit forming? I have gone thru this same problem with cats, dogs, fish, ducks, and now chickens. It is not that I think it is a bad thing-if you can afford it. I cant anymore. I have 5 perfectly adorable pullets that come to sit...
  16. quetsweyo

    Future obsessions

    undefined i saw some pix of a specific breed of game chicken and it seems like love at first site. I have always loved dinosaurs and it was like gazing into the Cretaceous. Malay ckickens. I have googled them a lot but all I have learned is that: they are hard feathered, not cold...
  17. quetsweyo

    members experiences with eBay purchases

    i was wondering if any of y'all had bought eggs or chicks or full grown birds on eBay and what kind of experience you had with your acquisitons. I just got totally reamed on some goatskins and wondered if their sellers of all things bird were anymore trustworthy saw some "rare Shamo Asils"...
  18. quetsweyo

    i have to confess to having the luckiest ducks in the world!

    i have to confess that after reading all i have about incubating and hatching eggs i have no idea how i succeeded. never did it before, didnt have on incubator. found 4 eggs in an abandoned nest in the mulch around the trees out side galyans,with my box of .45 rifle slugs. immediately...
  19. quetsweyo


    undefined:P just woke up 45 mins ago after hip replacement surgery...cock-a-doodle-did-it!! Looking forward to recovering and getting out in the hot indiana summer and buildling a new coop for my 5 little gangstas! Quetz Mark II
  20. quetsweyo

    Diaper harness

    Good morning, i saw where a member makes harnesses, saddles, and wing protectors here. I dont have much luck using the search engine on my mobile phone, so would those be diaper harness for house-chickens i hope? I looked up diapers for ducks last year and they started at @$35-40. If you...
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