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    Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

    I name my girls (and sometimes a Roo or too by their characteristics such as Owl Face; Hopalong(doesn’t walk but hops with 2 feet) Bluebell ; Girlyboy
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    Goslings and surrogate mom?

    Can I put a couple of newly hatched goslings from incubator in with a goose that is sitting on bad eggs? (It’s been about 40 days
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    Chicken Turkeys

    I have a little black hen that had a secret hatch in the compost box. She hatched out 10 and I moved her and chicks into a big cage_ my other chickens and a pair of turkeys are in their big coop. Well I swear it looks like some of the chicks are turkeys or part turkeys - I know it says you can’t...
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