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    Winter Time Electric Netting or Wire Fencing?

    I'm trying to set up a winter- time run for my chickens. They are typically in an a-frame chicken tractor but for winter, we need to park it and set up a fence around it. Originally, I was thinking of going with Premier 1 poultry netting but my brother told me that in the winter, any snow will...
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    Chicken Run for Winter - A-Frame Chicken Tractor

    We use an A-Frame Chicken Tractor (coop up top) for our hens but in the winter, we need to park it and add additional space for them to have a run (I think). So now is the time for us to decide how to go about this. My husband wants to repurpose fencing materials we have already and use...
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    8 Chickens Dead With Heads Off!

    Feeling really sad and stupid right now. We live on a 2 acre fenced in property. Our 19 girls have been in a chicken tractor most of the day, to be let out in the evening for free ranging 1-2 hours. We lock up after dark. Kids went out this morning and found 8 dead chickens, each in...
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