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  1. AmberH

    Marigold and Cora

    I have been chickenless for quite a few years now. I went to visit my cousin this past week and saw the state he was keeping his birds in. He had two chicks in a guinea pig cage with a tarp halfway over it and a soaking wet towel in there. It has been raining for days straight! One of the chicks...
  2. AmberH

    I'm a grandma now!

    My muscovy Elvis is the daddy. I'm having issues with my uploader so pics will be slow to come. But I'm so anxious I had to share right away. Last night two little boogers hatched. They look just like little mallard babies. You can't tell but the two babies are under there. There were 7 eggs...
  3. AmberH

    My Great Dane and Pit Bull *Lots o' Pics*

    Kaiser is my 8 year old Great Dane. I adopted him from the shelter I work at in August. Emily is my 6 year old pit bull. She's my baby! The three of us... Please excuse how ugly I look. lol Okay, I'm going a little overboard. lol Can you tell I love my dogs?
  4. AmberH

    Mallard Babies!!!

    I've been duckless for quite a while now... since July when some critter got to them while I was on vacation. I've been dying for some babies! I've been stalking TSCs in different towns trying to get some ducklings. Stopped my mine on Monday and the manager told me he just picked them up from...
  5. AmberH

    They're gone... :(

    My birds free ranged during the day and were put up at night. That's how it's always been. They got to the point where so flighty that I couldn't catch them. I usually easily herded them in to their pen and house. I went out one morning and my favorite Cochin hen was gone (avatar pic). I freaked...
  6. AmberH

    New Mexico

    So, I'm going to New Mexico on the 10th. It'll be my first time there and my first time that far west. MapQuest says it is 1236.31 miles one way. Originally my mom and I were going to drive. That's like an 18.5 hour drive... Yeah. We just bought the tickets tonight. I'm excited. We're going to...
  7. AmberH

    13 week old RIR cockerel

    Seamus needs to go to a new home. He's just now 13 weeks old and does not crow yet. I've not had any problems with him at all. He's not aggressive toward me, other people, or the other ducks and chickens. He is from a feed store... so maybe a production red? I've been told many different things...
  8. AmberH

    I love Ophelia!

    I am seriously in love with this bird. She'll be three months old this Thurs. Ophelia is so spoiled! She gets her nails painted and gets special treats. (Please excuse my ugliness)
  9. AmberH

    What breed of dog would you like to have in the future?

    This topic has been discussed on several other forums that I'm a member of and thought I'd bring it over here. Sorry if it's been covered already. I just thought it would be fun! I would like... in this order. American Pit Bull Terrier (More than I already have! A show and some rescue dogs...
  10. AmberH

    Last pictures of my Muscovy 12-9-09

    I found these pictures the other day. I had forgotten that I took them. I miss my Ducky! I'm pretty sure that this is a female but it went though most of its life being called Clyde. Duck disappeared in early January. I assumed that a coyote, fox, or the like got it just like it's sibling months...
  11. AmberH

    Wanted: Muscovy in central IN

    I'm looking for a Muscovy, male or female. Doesn't matter. I'm looking for an older duckling or up. I guess more than 10 weeks is good. It or they will just be pets. I am in Greencastle, IN and it must be picked up or delivered only. I can't drive far. I had two last year but critters ate them...
  12. AmberH

    What could it be?

    Well... I wasn't sure where to put this topic. So it is here. lol I work at an animal shelter that only deals with dogs and cats. We get a lot of calls about other animals but we cannot take them. Today, a woman called in about these creatures that showed up at her house. She could hardly...
  13. AmberH

    Before and After - Three Years Later

    These babies hatched on July 20, 2007. They'll be three this year and I'm excited to see what they hatch out. The hen is now sitting on eleven eggs. Suri Tank Their brother Moss - RIP
  14. AmberH

    Questions about my Swedish Ducks

    My cousin decided to bring his four ducks over for a play date with my two. The six birds love being together. The Swedish are siblings and then there are two mallards. We assume they are both females. We need help sexing the Swedish. I was told that Swedish can be sexed by their bill color...
  15. AmberH

    Expected Hatch Date: 6-13-10

    My chickens and ducks are free range during the day and put up at night. I wasn't at home last night and when I came home today, my aunt said that she didn't put the birds up last night. I started to freak out. I rushed outside to find them. Two of the bantam Cochins were in a storage building...
  16. AmberH

    Animal Planet Investigates Petland

    Animal Planet is airing their investigation of the pet store chain "Petland", who are the largest retailer of puppy mill puppies in the US. Monday, May 17th, 10pm ET. ... 129051.0.0 Be sure to check it out and pass the info along to friends/family. The...
  17. AmberH

    Frizzle chick and a roo

    I have always wanted to know what breed/color this little pullet is. It's the only pic I have of her and it's from my old craptastic camera. She's pictured here with a little Sebright cockerel. A little discription. She was frizzled and had 5 toes. She had no crest. I got her from a guy...
  18. AmberH

    Finally laying!

    My two bantam Cochins were steadily giving me about two eggs each every week (sometimes more, sometimes less). I heard that that was kind of slow but that's how it's been for as long as I can remember. Well, for about three weeks they both stopped laying. I was hopping one or both would go...
  19. AmberH

    My First Chicken

    I just wanted to introduce my first chicken ever and tell a little about his short life. I moved from town into the country in 2007. The house I moved in to used to have hundreds of chickens, goats, ducks, etc. When the lady moved out, I guess she didn't catch all of the birds. I discovered a...
  20. AmberH


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