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    Gambels Quail Hatching Eggs

    How are you getting eggs right now in the winter? They are supposed to start laying in the spring.
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    Blue scale

    My understanding is that you do not need a domesticated game bird breeder license for blue scaled quail, because they do not live here in California; the license only covers native and naturalized gamebirds. You only need the license for your California quail.
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    Richardson strain Indian Red Jungle fowl

    Have you tried messaging some of the members in Jungle Fowl Breeders on Facebook? It's worth a try, but I think there's a better chance there than here.
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    Green Jungle Fowl feathers

    The term "scale" was likely used to describe the feathers. It does not mean that the scales are hard like on a reptile.
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    Jungle Fowl

    Due to the sensitive nature of those eggs, shipped eggs are no good and people who keep any of the junglefowl species usually will not sell eggs. You might get away with it only if there was someone living close to you, but then again, eggs are only laid in the spring. Your best bet would be to...
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    Integrating Gambel's Quail Juveniles

    Interesting to hear. I would think that it is 8 younger ones who will get bullied. Either way, Gambel's quail are social birds and so it'll work out eventually (until spring that is).
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    Start a sustained breeding population loose in neighborhood

    In addition to what others have said, I have 2 things for you to also consider: (1) In case you are not aware, the natural distribution of Mountain quail ranges from Washington south to Baja California, and scientists have divided up the Mountain quail populations into multiple subspecies based...
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    Aggressive female Californian quail

    Both birds look healthy (I was thinking maybe the male might have been under the weather and so the female may have been taking advantage of it). I can't think of a reason why the female would be the aggressor. Maybe that's the way she is.
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    Aggressive female Californian quail

    Its rather odd that you have a female California quail bully a male. Can you show us a picture of your birds?
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    Help! CA quail chick went from Seemingly fine to listless and dying overnight?

    As chicks, they require a high protein diet and so mealworms shouldn't have been the problem (unless the mealworms are too big that they can't eat it). Do your chicks drink water fine? What's your setup like (if the container gets too hot from the heat lamp, can the chicks move away to a cooler...
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    California Valley Quail Questions

    @DucksAreBest If you are looking for meat birds, go for coturnix. California quail only produce a clutch or two (or three) in the spring. Chicks don't grow fast like coturnix and mature and breed in the following year. If you are wondering if they can handle the cold, see the below video:
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    ➡ Quail Hatch Along🥚

    I read that you managed to hatch some from the jungle. If those chicks are pure and you manage to raise them to adult, I commend you for your skills. Share photos of your birds as they develop if you can since I am a red junglefowl enthusiast. 👍
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    ➡ Quail Hatch Along🥚

    They are very hard birds to raise as they are very skittish and vulnerable to diseases. If you still want them and you are in the U.S., search for the Richardson Indian red junglefowl when they become available this fall/winter. Or, you may get the hatchery type junglefowl which are not true...
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    California Quails Mating for Life?

    My experience with Valleys align with what Chip78 said. If a mate dies or disappears, it'll find a new one. Last year, I had a male and 2 females. The dominant female got to be with the male and she chased away the other female. When the dominant female finished her clutch and started...
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    Historic Presence of Jungle Fowl in the American Deep South

    The Osceola wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo osceola) is a subspecies of wild turkey found only in Florida. If the wild turkey that comes into your property is this subspecies, I will hope that you will take measures to prevent cross-breeding between your domestic turkey and the wild turkeys.
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    Even though your rooster might look like a red junglefowl, it is not a pure red junglefowl. So, your backcrossings will produce chickens that look like your rooster. Like what the others have said, if you had a pure rjf, you cannot produce more pure rjf by crossing with a chicken. The only thing...
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    Looking for red jungle fowl hatching eggs

    Here you go. His username here is Florida Bullfrog (
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    Historic Presence of Jungle Fowl in the American Deep South

    There are 4 "species" of junglefowl in the world, and the US has all 4. There are the red, grey, ceylon (Sri Lanka), and green.
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    Caring for green junglefowl?

    Mr. Charles Hill is a very credible and well respected aviculturist. You are lucky you live near him. He should be able to answer any questions you have since he has (I think) all four species of junglefowl (I know for sure he has the Richardson red junglefowl). And yes, I do raise junglefowl...
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    Caring for green junglefowl?

    It's good that you are doing your research since I've also heard that the green junglefowl are the hardest to take care of. Of the 4 wild junglefowl species, I recommend you first try your hands on the red (not just any red junglefowl, but the "Richardson strain Indian red junglefowl") and/or...
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