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    Goose getting beat up

    Hey there! I have a small flock of 14 easter Eggers (mostly ameracuana mixes) and a goose that I've raised with them. I didn't have the chicks sexed, so at the moment I have a 50/50 mix of males and females. Tonight I witnessed 2 of my roos attack the goose. They chased her in circles in the...
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    3rd batch, very few surviving!

    Hello Guys, hoping you can help me out. I have a flock of 14 black and lavender Orpington girls and one handsome black Orpington rooster! I had one broody girl this spring, so I let her sit on a clutch of 14 eggs. I candled them and there were 8 not fertilized, NONE of the 6 that were fertilized...
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    liver tumor???

    So I had to put down my black Orpington rooster this morning. He was one year old, and the last few days he had been acting off. He was normally quite aggressive and full of spunk and all of the sudden he started acting like he was depressed and developed milky yellow diarrhea. His comb also...
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    hey everyone! I am new to owning chickens, I bought a few chicks last spring and so far raising chickens has been fun and fairly easy going, no major issues until today. I had a hen develop ascites and we put her down this morning. My problem is now that one girl has got it and passed away, I am...
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