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    How to introduce silkies into existing flock?

    I have an existing flock of Australian lanshans and I have just bought 2 thirteen week old silkies. What is the best way to introduce them to the existing flock? Time lines and methods etc to avoid pecking and injuries?
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    What makes these silkie chickens roosters?

    Hi I have recently been advised that these 10week old silkie chooks are infact roosters. Can you guys help me understand why they may be roosters for future reference? body Features etc?
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    Are These silkie / silkie x frizzle’s boys or girls?

    Hi Everyone I’m new to BYC and also to silkies. I bought these 4 chooks from a backyard breeder and I’m not sure if I have boys or girls, they are 9weeks old in these pics. I’d love some guidance as I can’t keep boys in my state and I don’t want my kids to get too attached to them if I have to...
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