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  1. shellyga

    Comment by 'shellyga' in article 'Swap Page 10'

    didn't see your comment until just now.. and yes.. we can work something out.. would Love some Bob White Eggs
  2. shellyga

    Swap Page 10

    I am always looking for the following: Bobwhite Quail Eggs Gold laced Cochins Eggs Gold-Laced, BBS or Lavendar Orpington Eggs Silver laced or Blue Laced Red Wyndottes Or actually I can be tempted by any type of Large Fowl chicken egg Offering: Assorted Daylily plants - if you accept...
  3. shellyga

    Shellygas Page

    A relative newbie to chickens as an adult, I chased them as a child and have always loved animals of any sort. With economic times being what they are, when we were asked about "adopting" 6 Buff Orphington Hens and a Roo, in May of 2010 we accepted. Of course we had no coop.. no nothing. So...
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