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    What Breed Rooster Is This?

    Someone I know recently came into possession of this little rooster. I know this is not the greatest of pictures, but it is all that I have. Could this be a Bantam Buff Orpington? As you can hopefully see from the pictures it has feathered legs and feet. I have read some conflicting information...
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    Broody 7 Month Old EE Pullet

    So, one of my EE pullets has gone broody. She is 7 months old and has been laying for a couple of months. I do not even have a rooster so no fertile eggs. She has been this way for 3 or 4 days, or there about. I have reached under her and got any eggs that was under her each day. There are 5...
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    5 gallon bucket nest box??

    I am not really sure why I want to try this but I was thinking of using a 5 gallon bucket for a nesting box. So, a 5 gallon bucket, or at least most of them, have a ridge (for lack of a better word) a few inches or so from the top around the diameter of the outside wall of the bucket. So, my...
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    coop floor

    Brand new to keeping hens. So, I am turning a existing former goat barn/shed into a hen coup. So, I know I need to build the laying boxes and a place for them to roost higher up. I am wondering about flooring in the coup itself. Right now it is just a dirt floor. Will the dirt floor be okay, or...
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