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  1. Yetti

    Anyone seen this stolen Yamaha 450R?

    Hi guys, just got back to work after the summer off and found out a buddy had his quad stolen. turns out it disappeared on Fathers day back in June. he lives in Stock bridge and had only been in his new house a couple months. as is I asked for pics to see what I could turn up. he has some...
  2. Yetti

    Michigan Embden Geese

  3. Yetti

    Limping duck and barely walking

    One of my pekings is in bad shape. my wife called me yesterday at work and said its been limping around all day. the others have been beating on him and he may have broken an ankle running from them. his right ankle has a black ring around it and its swollen. any advice would be great at this...
  4. Yetti

    well I'm getting close..

    To hatching some eggs! this took about 2 hours to build. it has a 60 watt bulb to heat with and a second thermometer laying on the eggs. I try and keep it around 90-99f and have a dish of water with sponge to keep moisture content up. I have 22 eggs as of yesterday. some are as fresh as...
  5. Yetti

    so I built an incubator from scratch...

    its just 1" R 5 foam board. I used the rest to insulate my basement about 18 years ago. had the lid to a fish tank lizard tank thing for a lens and I light fixture screwed to the side with a chunk of cement board as an insulator and for mounting. if you look there is handles screwed on the ends...
  6. Yetti

    Sick goose

    well my best setter has come down with something. not sure whats going on but she won't set and just wanders the yard all wobbly? she was eating a couple days ago and would go back to work sitting. no I had to pick her up to put her in the coop. what am I missing?
  7. Yetti

    Need help with sitting goose.

    I am having issues with my one sitting goose. she has 14 eggs to watch after and has been on task for about 10-12 days without issue. yesterday and today she got up and walked out and has been off the nest most of the time except when I lock her in at night. any ideas why? she is normally a get...
  8. Yetti

    Anvil Hunting...

    Don't know how many of you may have an old anvil buried in the barn or just laying about, but I have been looking for a good one. I am trying to get enough stuff together to try some blacksmithing type art stuff. since its a bit heavier then shoeing horses I will need a large 200+ lb anvil. I...
  9. Yetti

    I have been working on a project.

    I have been trying to see how to best set up a nest box? I have been playing with designs courtesy of watching how the geese build nests around the yard. the one that is my prolific builder has a knack for digging a ditch in a circle and then getting a bunch of leaves to bury herself in. 1...
  10. Yetti

    seperating waring factions..

    I don't know what got into my one gander. he has had a jones to put a beat down on one of my other ganders. when they are out pasturing they seem fine. I try and put them in the hut at night and the one we call Oscar goes off like its nuts while putting in the other gander. I have had to keep...
  11. Yetti

    Mail box got run over last night..

    ...I bet they have a hell of a dent! mine was mounted on a well casing about 50" in the ground. they hit it hard enough they broke the pipe below ground level
  12. Yetti

    10 foot tall & bullit proof?

    Isn't that the way all teenagers think? my geese are coming into their own this spring and I have gotten a few laughs. however they are temping fate I think? two of my big boys think they are all that since they fight with each other to no end. today I saw a hawk come in close to take a look at...
  13. Yetti

    Goose feet issues.

    I have a couple questions pertaining to geese feet. one has a swollen du claw toe and and the other has what looks like a rip in his webbing. any advice would help. the swollen toe make mine gather his foot up under him and stand on one leg. the other doen't notice the rip on his foot.
  14. Yetti

    Mad scramble today!

    I came home at lunch to find one of my Geese nested up under a old porch in the duck pen. she had buried her self in leaves and was setting up house keeping. I checked for eggs and there was none so I booted her out and proceeded to get building proper safe next boxes for the coop. while I was...
  15. Yetti

    I saw a rat in the coop today...

    ...He is doomed! I set two bucket traps and hope to get him by morning.
  16. Yetti

    Looking for places to hunt in north eastern Iowa?

    A friend of mine is an avid deer hunter and wanted to try and get one of the giant Iowa Bucks. the trick is getting access to land. I guess there's a couple of hunting districts up in the northern part that are bottled up by outfitters and people who want to hunt them have to pay out the nose to...
  17. Yetti

    Burned up feathers?

    well my wife did the " they are gunna get cold" thing putting human needs on the animals. she asked me to put broder lights in the pens to add some heat. I hung them about 36" high. well my one big goose "King Kong" must have pecked at the light all night? he is tore up today, he has mangled...
  18. Yetti

    To much condensation in the ducks coop?

    I was washing out the coop and happened to look up and see I have traces of mold growing in the ceiling area down to about the 4' from the floor. I was wondering how much ventilation the ducks can take? I have to get the condensation out. I have one screen with fabric over it and its about 20" x...
  19. Yetti

    can't find where to post this info?

    THE CAPTIVE WILD ANIMAL ORDER (Michigan) I was doing some homework on what I needed to keep wild turkeys here in Michigan and found this. don't know if its a repost but its full of good info.
  20. Yetti

    Thinking of getting turkeys in spring..

    ..What are some of the lesser flying birds? the reason I ask is I have a huge yard and normal field fence. just no over head barrier. also which birds are less likely to stray? need some advice from those who have had them before
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