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  1. SethJ

    A few new pics from around the homestead

    Took a few yesterday. Down to our winter animals now,...just recently had a large slaughter. No winter garden this year, looks sorta barren lol. Seems quiet in winter,...very few birds,..few rabbits, however I have a doe going to drop kits this week,.
  2. SethJ

    Official BYC Poll: The Worst Predator

    This week alone I shot 2 coons,..and 3 possums at night by the coops.
  3. SethJ


    ps,..these would be for eating pets... Also help with the nomenclature....Like any difference in what you call a fertile bird? a female? a male?...I'm ignorant about turkeys.
  4. SethJ


    Ok so,..I bought a flock of chicks the other day from a lady nearbyshe threw in one chick Turkey that was running with the chicks. Its sorta white and grey/black speckled I dunno if its a Tom or what. But anyhow, got me to thinking,..This spring I might like to try getting a Tom and a...
  5. SethJ

    Official BYC Poll: The Worst Predator

    I have a problem with just about all of them if I dont keep them in check.
  6. SethJ

    Deep litter done right

    I just use hay and once a month or so I gotta muck it out with a pitchfork. No big deal. I'd be afraid sawdust untreated would promote termites on my property.
  7. SethJ

    Barred rocks. Broody or not??

    In general,..I think like this... My barred rocks,..production reds,..rhode island reds,...are all egg production birds. Most never or seldom go broody buy lay nearly year round. My Cornish X....strickly meat birds,...never go broody.. My Buff Orphs,...lay pretty good until winter,...start...
  8. SethJ

    Barred rocks. Broody or not??

    I've had barred rocks in my flock for the past 8 years or so,.... never had any of them go broody
  9. SethJ

    Quail Colony?!

    Those are old videos lol, should see it now! I have rabbit pens everywhere,..the barn is completed,....all sorts of stuff. Guess I need to take some new pics.
  10. SethJ

    My hens have stopped laying

    Depending on the breed, I find some will stop in the fall/winter. My Production reds, RIRs and barred rocks lay almost year round.... My Buff Orphingtons have already stopped for the winter. Nothing to panic about. I keep a light on in the coop in the fall and they lay continuously. If the...
  11. SethJ

    Chickens are eating my Cup of Yellow vine.

    I had a chicken eat a lit cigarette the other day with no ill effect, who can really say...LOL
  12. SethJ

    How Do you break a broody hen?

    hmmmm funny you should say that thing2loveschickens,..the pen where I confine them is exactly like you described,..its really for my rabbits.....but its about 3 foot high with a hardware cloth bottom, yea air moves across her bottom. Never gave it much thought, was just the only...
  13. SethJ

    Quail Colony?!

    I keep pharos....and I have 50 all in one pen. No problem. dunno with the other varieties I never even considered separating them lol...just never crossed my mind. I bought them at a large farm where they had ALL varieties,...and they were all in big cages together. go figure. (separated by...
  14. SethJ

    Older hen diarrhea, laying down, smells like ammonia, etc. Please Help

    whew, that age, be goodnight time..I wouldnt waste a vet visit. Heck I cull at 4-5 years! lol
  15. SethJ

    How Do you break a broody hen?

    I always keep a couple of pens clear just for a sick bird or rabbit,..or a broody hen. small pens...the ones I use for rabbits.
  16. SethJ

    Also have Rabbits.

    Also have Rabbits.
  17. SethJ

    I have a small farm. Usually have 50-100 chickens on site. Some meat birds, some layers,...some...

    I have a small farm. Usually have 50-100 chickens on site. Some meat birds, some layers,...some broodys.
  18. SethJ

    How Do you break a broody hen?

    we usually just seperate her in another pen for a week or so. Think...solitary confinement lol.
  19. SethJ


  20. SethJ

    My Coop

    neat....mine looked neat when I first built them,,... now they look like old chicken production coops,,...weathered from years of service and probably several hundred chickens through it. I'm about to build some new stuff for the spring chickies.
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