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  1. Joylime322

    Sooo I'm Probably Crazy.... BUT

    About a year ago, I saw someone on youtube hatch a duck egg with their own body heat. He went through (carefully) how he did each step and made sure to video log each new thing he discovered! ... Needless to say, ever since I watched that I have thought "What if I do it myself?" So my question...
  2. Joylime322

    Why is this drake so aggressive?

    My friend has 4 ducks. 2 muscovy females and 2 pekins. The drake is a big pekin. He is biting and driving away one of the young female muscovies.. would there be a specific reason why? Methods to stop it??
  3. Joylime322

    Clicker Training.... Fowl Edition?

    Has anyone done clicker training with their chickens or quail? How did it go? What methods did you use?
  4. Joylime322

    What would you buy?

    Trying to figure it out... What do you think?
  5. Joylime322

    How soon to remove a chick from the incubator after hatching?

    How soon should I remove the little ones from the incubator?
  6. Joylime322

    How long from Internal pip to External Pip??? (Quail)

    Hello Community! Yesterday, I saw some small "lifting" of the shell (like a pip) but it hadn't broken the membrane or very much of the shell. I simply assumed that the chick inside had made their internal pip and pushed hard on the inner wall of the shell. A few eggs have this, I think. Its day...
  7. Joylime322

    Help. The chicks are hatching in 6 days and I still haven't decided on a plate.

    Dear community, Which plate is best!? Should I even do a plate?! I don't know what to do. P.S. I'm hatching coturnix quail
  8. Joylime322

    Brooding Coturnix Quail: Heat em up! (Ah. But how?)

    Hello! I am trying to make a decision on what is best to buy for my current situation. In 12 days, I will have an 1-30 little quailings hatching from their eggs. It is the midwest and getting chillier. The first brooder will be inside until they are older. I am really uncertain about what to get...
  9. Joylime322

    Brinsea Eco Glow and little quailings??

    Hello! I am considering purchasing a Brinsea Echo Glow. Is the 20 chick (smaller) size going to be enough for 20 little quails? They are currently still in the egg but I am trying to get set up before they hatch. Thoughts? Experiences??
  10. Joylime322

    The Quail-venture....

    (Note: I started posting a new thread for all my questions and decided it was over kill. Now I am simply gonna post questions and updates on one thread! Welcome friends! I thank all of you who have already given me help and advice as I begin my quest into this new hobby! Hopefully someday I can...
  11. Joylime322

    Vein in duck egg?

    Hello! One of my brother's duck's eggs had a white cell spot along with a red blood vein. Does this mean that it was fertile?
  12. Joylime322

    Ducklings and Quailings?

    Happy morning BYC Community! I may have done a thing.... My neighbors duck recently laid an a few eggs and when they cracked one open to eat there were cells and a few veins! So I took the other egg (on impulse hehe) and stuck it in my NR 360... But I have 25 quail eggs arriving on Friday...
  13. Joylime322

    I'm hatching quails for the first time (first time hatching anything really...)....

    I am hatching quails for the first time! As a newbie, what would you recommend for a starter incubator?
  14. Joylime322

    Magicfly Incubator...

    I am considering purchasing the Magicfly Incubator... Does anyone have any major issues/yays with the product?
  15. Joylime322

    Has anyone ever bought from sweet_tweets_quail on Ebay?

    Has anyone ever bought from sweet_tweets_quail on Ebay? Is that a reliable buyer? They seem to have alot of eggs so I am assuming someone on this forum must have bought from them before.... any thoughts anyone?!
  16. Joylime322

    So quails...

    Dear Community, I am going to be hatching my first quails pretty soon. What advice would you give? Is there any special sensitivities they have that I should be aware of? What is something you enjoy the most about quails! And what is something that you would rather not deal with? Also, I am...
  17. Joylime322

    Assisting Eggs/ Touching Baby Chicks

    Dear Community, I have some eggs soon to be set into the incubator but I am a first timer and I have a few questions that the internet just doesn't seem to have a direct enough answer for. Firstly, If I do open the incubator in the last three days, is it really as bad as I have heard...
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