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  1. bluelucky

    ENDED - WINNERS ANNOUNCED -Official BYC Mini-contest - Tell us your funniest chicken story and win!

    These are 2 pics of my 1sr chickens I got 4 years ago. They would stand and play with that cabbage all day long till dark. The bottom picture is of them looking at me when they didn't have any cabbage left..
  2. Eating the morning oatmeal.

    Eating the morning oatmeal.

  3. Dust bath time.

    Dust bath time.

  4. *Chicken Tether ball with a head of cabbage!

    *Chicken Tether ball with a head of cabbage!

  5. *
Big girls guarding the water.

    * Big girls guarding the water.

  6. *
The 3 Stooges

    * The 3 Stooges

  7. My Girls

    My Girls

  8. *This is a picture of me chillin' with my Peeps at the Indiana State Fair..

    *This is a picture of me chillin' with my Peeps at the Indiana State Fair..

  9. Chillin' with My Peeps!

    Chillin' with My Peeps!

  10. bluelucky

    Flies no more!! Found the perfect fly repellent.

    They also make it in a spray can..And sell a case of 12/ 2.5oz cans for $18.95 here: Or get them by the case of 24 of the trees for $13.95 here: They really do work just have...
  11. bluelucky

    Mike's RIR's in Indy

    Here a a couple pictures of my first batch of 6 Rhode Island Reds I got last spring (2012). They lay consistent large brown eggs everyday and really enjoy their Outdoor fenced in shade area during the hot hours of the day. This is "Big Girl" Guarding the water. This one is name" Floppy"...
  12. bluelucky

    New nipple water system!

    I got my new Chicken nipple water'r installed. The cooler installed on the side of the coop. With water line down to nipples.
  13. bluelucky

    Vote For NEW "Chillin With My Peeps" Shirt Colors!!

    I vote "Navy Heather"........ A great neutral color!
  14. bluelucky

    Coop add-on

    Here's a couple pics of the 4' x 8' coop add on my dad and I built and installed yesterday to our coop.. We decided we needed to add some more room for them for the winter when it gets cold here in Indianapolis.. Their are 2 window doors on each side that can be put down for air flow when it's...
  15. bluelucky

    Purina Layena?

    I was wondering if I need to be feeding my 7 -18 week old RIR chicks Oyster shells with the Purina Layena crumbles? I have had them on the Layena for a week now and I know eggs will be coming soon.. All comments welcome..
  16. bluelucky

    Chicken Oven Rack puller

    Thanks.. I have sold over 30 different kinds of the oven rack pullers.. I use the small chains for keychains to hang them from a hook or nail too.
  17. bluelucky

    Chicken Oven Rack puller

    I made these 2-1" thick Oven Rack pullers today.. 1 is Hickory, 1 is Walnut. If you want one let me know.
  18. bluelucky

    Rooster out of wood

    Thanks Galanie....... I always seal my outdoor stuff with a Marine Varnish so it's completely waterproof.. Good looking out..
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