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  1. happytraylz

    Any Goat Breeders Good at the Pooch Test? Can you look at my girls pics? TIA!!

    I posted on BYH- heres the link.. WARNING- If you don't know what the Pooch Test is, it's analizing the goats lady parts/rectal area, to see if she is bred. Pics are of said parts.. If anyone can give a newb Goat Breeder any input, that...
  2. happytraylz

    HELP!? Found a dove in the barn, she has leg bands, can I lookup the owner?

    We have had this 'visitor' for a couple of days in our big horse barn-felt bad because it's so cold, so caught her and brought her inside. I then realized she has ID leg bands. I think she is a dove, although someone at the barn thought pigeon.. Does anyone know how to look them up? I had no...
  3. happytraylz

    Pure Wyandotte? mix?

    I purchased some Wyandotte eggs, and the lady told me that there was a chance of a few mixes too. There were mostly Wyandottes in the pen- mixed colors, but also an Ameracauna Roo, and a couple of Australorp hens. More than half of the chicks that hatched looked just like this- curious if its a...
  4. happytraylz

    Looking for Hovabator 1588 w Turner

    Anyone have one? Willing to ship to Maine? Let me know.. Thanks!
  5. happytraylz

    What is this little hen that came as a rare/exotic?

    Trying to identify this lil girl-she THINKS she's a Silkie, as she came with a shipment of them as the 'free rare/exotic'.. Feathered legs, quite small.
  6. happytraylz

    Silkie color help Please! Pics..

    Hi there, newish to Silkie Breeding, and I know basic colors, trying to improve. I hatched some eggs from a couple of breeders with show stock, and have youngsters I am trying to decide on. Some of their colors I am not sure of, and not sure if they would be good to add to my flock. They are...
  7. happytraylz

    What color is this Bantam Wyandotte??

    I picked up 2 "pullets" from a breeder this summer, one all black (the one in question), and a blue. I have been looking for a Roo to add to my ladies ( I have others), and my husband came in this morning and said-Hey that black ones crowing! Me-Huh..? Sure enough, I heard the beginnings of...
  8. happytraylz

    Looking for Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Bantam Roo in Maine

    I'm in need of a roo.. Anyone have one?? Thanks..
  9. happytraylz

    Silkie Hens Needed- Southern Maine, NH..

    Looking for a couple more adult ladies for my Roo.. Let me know what you have, where you are located, and how much please..
  10. happytraylz

    How did I get these color Silkie Chicks? Out of 2 Splashes??

    I'm new at breeding Silkies, and bought a pair of "Blue Splash" Silkies from a lady. She said they had raised clutches with her and the babies were always blue splash. Well, they just hatched 4 chicks, and 2 look all blue & 2 appear white. Everything I have read says that 2 splashes will only...
  11. happytraylz

    What kind of bird is this? Bantam of some sort?

    I've never seen a chick like this one-but I'm sure some of you guys have.. A buyer got it as a "free rare/ exotic" in an order from McMurray, but did not want it. Thanks!
  12. happytraylz

    Looking for Silkies~In the Northeast. Any good shipers?

    Hi there, I live in Maine. I'm looking for a few more Silkie chicks and a couple of hens. Having a hard time finding a breeder local that seems reputable with healthy looking birds (based on pics). Can anyone recommend a good breeder that is local to me, or that will ship. Will anyone ship...
  13. happytraylz

    Hello From Maine! I am very happy to have found this site..

    I have had chickens in the past, and currently have a few Silkie chicks- looking to start a flock. We live on a big farm, have horses and can't wait to have chickens running around my yard again.. I have learned a lot on this site in just the past few days. Thank you for all your posts and...
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