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  1. CedarAcres

    Where To Check Temp in Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco

    Hi guys! I'm getting ready to try out our incubator (brinsea octagon 20 eco) for the first time and I wanted to make sure the temp is correct. Where should I check the temperature in this particular incubator? The thermometer that comes with it is mounted at the top. Is this the one I should...
  2. CedarAcres

    Is this a fox? Game Cam photo.

    Hey guys! I caught this photo on my game cam and I was wondering if it was a fox. We've never caught one on our game cam before so I don't have anything to compare it to. I did compare it to photos we have of deer, possums, raccoons, dogs & cats in the same spot, and it really looks to me that...
  3. CedarAcres

    Constantly breaking blood feathers.. at my wits end. Appreciate any advice!

    I'm at my wits end with my poor rooster. He is a sultan with pretty heavy foot feathering. Over the last month he has been breaking blood feathers on his feet every few days and I cannot figure out why. At first, I thought maybe one of the girls was pecking at his feet causing the issue, since I...
  4. CedarAcres

    New feathers getting pecked?

    I have a rooster with very heavy foot feathering and a few weeks ago he broke a blood feather from flying into something. We seperated him out until it healed and put him back. A few days later one was broken on each foot, which seemed like an odd coincidence since he has never broken any...
  5. CedarAcres

    Space requirements for geese?

    One thing we've never had is geese, and we're thinking that we'd possibly like to get some. Is there a general guideline for space requirements for geese? Would a 8x8 coop work? We're thinking of having an attached run in case we need to contain them, but having them spend most of their time...
  6. CedarAcres

    Chicken ate glass..

    One of our golden comets ate some glass. We have SO much glass on our property, no idea what it's even from. I pick up any pieces I find (which is everyday) but especially after rain, it seems like there are new pieces shining everywhere. I've seen ground up glass in gizzards after slaughtering...
  7. CedarAcres

    Chicken Tractor Tips Please!

    I'd love to hear some tips from anyone who has a chicken tractor! I really would like to build one since we can't free range because of predators. We have four acres and it kills me that they only get to see their run. I want to make something that is easily moved (so not heavy). If anyone has...
  8. CedarAcres

    Hen mounting other hens..?

    We have 20 chickens, 19 ladies & one rooster. I've noticed that one of our red sex links is mercilessly picking on one of our EE's, chasing her and chasing her and mounting her when she catches her. This only happens out of the view of the rooster. The red sex link seems to be causing all the...
  9. CedarAcres

    Anyone else have issues with theft/trespassing?

    Just curious if other people have to deal with this. We live surrounded by woods on all sides, set back a pretty good distance from the road. The only way to see our house from the road is to look up our unpaved driveway. It seems like we always have people wandering through our property or just...
  10. CedarAcres

    Going away on vacation..

    We're going on our yearly 10 day vacation, and I'm a little worried about our chickens while we are away. Normally, we'd have a family member stay at our house who has chickens & horses themselves, and one of us usually stays at their house while they are away to care for their horses &...
  11. CedarAcres

    Where do you store your feed?

    Where do you store your feed? Just curious because we are changing our set up. Previously we had it in a lockable feed building near the coop, but it was damaged during a storm and we had to tear it down. Currently we have all our feed in the house, which is a huge pain since it's quite a long...
  12. CedarAcres

    Wheezing chicken... respiratory infection? Help Please!

    So I am not having a good week with my chickens. I had one that had a sour crop (all better now!) and now this morning I have one that is wheezing. It sounds similar to this video: But not as severe and only when she is inhaling. She's 2 1/2 months old, eating & drinking fine, acting normal...
  13. CedarAcres

    Dog with horrible allergies..

    My parents dog, who is a rescue mutt, has always had horrible allergies. He gets ear infections constantly, his feet are always itchy and he gets cysts between his toes. He's about 12 years old now, and his allergies have gotten worse as the years have gone on. Grain free food helped for a few...
  14. CedarAcres

    Help with sour crop?

    So one of our 2 1/2 month old chicks has what I believe is sour crop. Her crop is soft & watery feeling and she is lethargic. I noticed this for the first time today, she was fine yesterday. I have isolated her in the house so I can monitor her better. I've seen lots of varying opinions on...
  15. CedarAcres

    Do you use organic feed?

    Just curious how many people feed organic. My local feed store now carries "Nature's Best Organic Feeds" and I was considering switching. Anyone use this feed?
  16. CedarAcres


    I got two Wyandottes, supposedly silver laced. But they both look very different, so I'm thinking one may be gold laced instead. I've never had this breed before, so I wasn't sure if silver feathers would come in later. Here are photos of them both.
  17. CedarAcres

    Dealing with an aggressive chick: ADDED photos

    Just curious how others deal with aggressive chicks in the brooder. We have two easter eggers, who are the largest out of the group, who have gotten very mean. They are about 4.5 weeks old. Together, they have both claimed an area of the brooder, keeping the other chicks away and attacking...
  18. CedarAcres

    Moving a chicken coop?

    Anyone have any advice on how to move a chicken coop? This coop is actually one of the original ones my family built like 40+ years ago, and it's been well maintained over the years. But it's just in an inconvenient spot, and I'd like to move it a bit across the yard, maybe 10 -15 feet. It's...
  19. CedarAcres

    Chick with five toes? Thoughts on breed?

    I just got this free chick from my feed store yesterday. They thought that they gave me a light brahma, but once I actually took a look at her, she didn't look like one. She has five toes, feathered feet & legs. She's white, even though you can't really see in the photos. She has pink skin. I'm...
  20. CedarAcres

    One chick is much smaller.

    One of our chicks in our younger batch is a lot smaller than the rest. They are under a week old, and she just seems SO small to me! We've had other chicks that were slightly smaller in the past, but she is a lot smaller. She's eating, drinking, zooming around and having a great time. Her stool...
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