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  1. racuda

    Any birdwatchers?

    This bird is so elusive that I've never seen it. It's song is beautiful and goes a long time without repeating. Can anyone identify it from its song?
  2. racuda

    What color is this?

    I have pied, white and pearl. These are the only colors I've had in the past eight years. This keet looks different than any I've had before.
  3. racuda

    Tolbunt Polish Pair

    I have a young Tolbunt pair available. A frizzled pullet and a smooth cockerel. They are six weeks old and are from Gretchen Bare's line. Local pickup near Asheboro NC only.
  4. racuda

    Which color Cochin rooster(s) to keep?

    I have seven males and nine females. There are colombian males and females, black males and females and barred males. I plan to keep one or maybe two of the cockerels. Which color males would best go with colombian and black females? Barred, black or colombian?
  5. racuda

    What is stealing my Guinea eggs?

    Something was getting a couple of eggs every night from a Guinea nest behind my house. Now I bring the nest eggs in at night and put them back in the morning. Today I found eight eggshells about 100 feet from the nest. The all had a hole bitten out of the shell. They were in a 4 X 4 foot area...
  6. racuda

    What color is this keet?

    Came across a variety in my local farm store. They had pearls, whites, pieds, lavender and some of these brown ones. What color is the one on the right?
  7. racuda

    How long can Guineas lay eggs?

    Do they slow down or stop laying when they get older? How old? About half of my flock is six years old, but I can tell who lays what and I'm not finding enough eggs to prove all of the hens are laying. Of course they are great nest hiders, so maybe they ARE still laying.
  8. racuda

    Is this really a Scottish Terrier?

    We bought this puppy as a wheaten Scottie. I think her legs look a little long and her ears...look like elf ears! She's very sweet and smart so she's a keeper. I just wonder what she is. A mix or poorly bred Scottie? She is 12 weeks old.
  9. racuda

    Getting some unusual eggs lately...

    These were laid today. One has a double yolk.
  10. racuda

    Tolbunt Polish Hatching Eggs ~ Exactly 18 eggs!

    I now have Tolbunt Polish eggs available for sale. The eggs will come from two separate pens. One pen has a frizzled cock over smooth hens and the other has smooth cocks over frizzled hens. Each egg will have the collection date marked in pencil. I will only ship eggs that are 7 days old and...
  11. racuda

    Evaluating Polish Chicks

    I tried a Google search for "evaluating polish chicks" and I got results about dating Polish girls but none about how to judge these: This is my first time with Polish. I have 24 chicks and eventually would like to have a breeding flock of the very best six. What faults can be seen in chicks...
  12. racuda

    Does this look like bug eggs?

    This Silkie rooster had what looked like a massive version of adult pasty butt. When I trimmed it out I found this. It was about two inches from his vent, toward the legs. I saw no mites any other bugs, or any movement whatsoever. I searched him all over, and looked at the other Silkies too...
  13. racuda

    India Blue Pea Pair

    This peafowl pair was hatched June 21, 2011. They are available for local pickup in the Asheboro North Carolina area.
  14. racuda

    Decorating the coop...artist's input needed!

    I raise Silkies in three colors, white, BBS and buff. In June I found myself with a lot of time on my hands . I had just finished a new coop. It looked like it needed something to balance the white lattice. I decided to try my hand at painting a Silkie using white and black house paint that I...
  15. racuda

    Turkey stays on roost all day

    I have a two year old Royal Palm tom and about a week ago he started staying on his roost in the coop most of the day. He is sitting a couple of feet under a tin roof which is the hottest place he could be. He will come down an hour before dark to eat and drink. The rest of the turkey family...
  16. racuda

    New Silkie Coop

    This is the seventh coop I've built. It is for growing out Silkies. There is a bench built onto the coop wall in both runs. It is great for sitting with the birds until they calm down and act naturally. They are much easier to evaluate that way. The center is a 4 x 8 foot enclosed coop and it is...
  17. racuda

    India Blue?

    My pair is one year old now. Is he a standard India blue?
  18. racuda

    Is this a pea or turkey egg?

    I posted this on the Peafowl side:
  19. racuda

    Is this a pea or turkey egg?

    I found this egg in the yard today. There are two possible suspects. I have an eleven month old peahen and I have a Royal Palm turkey hen. The turkey just hatched poults three weeks ago, and she is raising all seven of them. I wouldn't expect that the turkey would lay so soon after hatching...
  20. racuda

    New Babies

    I'm really going to try to keep them alive this time. The previous two times resulted in lethargic poults and then they died around two weeks old. I'm feeding medicated game bird starter. She hatched 8 out of 12 eggs. One was infertile and three didn't make it out of the shell.
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