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  1. Baymen Moe

    Purina's New Packaging?

    Not sure if this has been brought up, it's been a few weeks since I had to buy feed. What's with the new bag material? I always recycled the paper grain bags of Layena. Not sure if these new bags are recyclable or not, there's no symbol on them. Anyone have any info on this?
  2. Baymen Moe

    Father's Day with the kid's!

    What a great time taking the kid's out in the canoe for some fishing. We camped close to home at Pinewood Lodge in Plymouth Ma. A very good take.
  3. Baymen Moe

    Another funny egg pic...

    I got this one yesterday. a normal egg next to it for comparison.
  4. Baymen Moe

    Here's your sign...Actually it's mine.

    Just wanted to share my egg sign with you...
  5. Baymen Moe

    Breaking my broody BO.

    Wish me luck. One of my Buff Orp's has gone broody on me. I'm really not set up to do the hatching thing, no rooster or fertile eggs. I've been moving her off the nest for a few days to no avail. Luckily I had grabbed a wire rabbit hutch recently at a "take it or leave it area" at the local...
  6. Baymen Moe

    Is she a Welsummer?

    I have always thought this hen was a Welsummer but looking at other pictures makes me think otherwise. A mix perhaps? Or just hatchery stock? She was a mistake in my order in May of 09 from the feed store but a nice mistake. I don't get very dark eggs from her either. She is however a very nice...
  7. Baymen Moe

    First EE egg!

    Well, almost seven months to the day of getting my chicks I finally got my first EE egg. I've been getting eggs from my other birds from week twenty. My son was so excited because it's his favorite hen.
  8. Baymen Moe

    My first multi egg day and an oyster shell question.

    One or two of my hens started laying last week, I got 5 eggs for 7 days. Today I got my first 2 egg day. I have 15 hens. The eggs are very durable, nice hard shells. Should I have oyster shell on hand for my girls? Bill
  9. Baymen Moe

    Laying on roost, will that change?

    Okay, here's the scoop. I have 15 twenty week old hens. I got my first egg on Monday this week (firts egg thread for photo) so I'm excited as can be that some one started laying. I don't know who yet. Between Monday and today I've gotten 3 eggs. The only problem is they're being laid on my...
  10. Baymen Moe

    All my little chickens in a row.

    The highest spot in the run is the favorite spot to hang out and rest or groom for a little while.
  11. Baymen Moe

    Murphys' Law in the heat lamp dept.

    Well, my chicks which are around 5 weeks old let me know the other day that it was time to remove the heat lamp. They were brooded in the coop and are thriving. I had the lamp raised up to almost 4 feet in my 8x8 coop and the other morning not one chick was even close to the heat zone. Last...
  12. Baymen Moe

    My how we've grown...

    This picture was taken May 22nd These were today 6/13/09
  13. Baymen Moe

    What breed?

    I picked up my chicks about three weeks ago, ordered through a local feed store. I chose five different breeds, EE's were one of my choices. All of the breeds were seperated in their respective brooders at the feed store. In the process of rounding up my order, this chick was in with the EE's...
  14. Baymen Moe

    Finally, my coop in all it's glory. With Chickens!

    I guess I'm all done, but maybe I'll have another picture when the flowers bloom. The chicks are loving life and so am I. Bill
  15. Baymen Moe

    Chicks in the run

    My little ones finally got the nerve to go in the run this afternoon, not all made it out though, a few are still "chicken"
  16. Baymen Moe

    Chicks getting a little

    We had another try at the pop door today but they only stayed on the top. All in good time, I'm sure. My children are enjoying the chicks as well.
  17. Baymen Moe

    My chicks

    Well, after a little thought yesterday I decided it was time to take my 15 chicks out of the brooder and give them full range of the coop. They're 2-2.5 weeks now. My brooder was in the coop to begin with to concentrate the heat etc...So today was the day and they loved the extra space. They...
  18. Baymen Moe

    Chick pics

    I had a few pics on Friday when I first got them. They are thriving. I added a small roost to the brooder for fun as well.
  19. Baymen Moe

    Finally got 'em

    Well, after a year in the planning and getting everything done before hand I picked them up today. All are doing great, eating, drinking and being chicks, no pasty butts either. I have 3 of each of these Barred rock Black austrolorp Buff orp EE Black sex link
  20. Baymen Moe

    yet another ACV question, from a newbie

    Is there any problem using acv in conjunction with medicated feed? I couldn't seem to get the answer in my search. I have the Braggs available here. Thanks in advance... Bill
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