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    My one gosling is beeing bullied

    One of my goslings are beiing bullied, even by the goose. It is thr grey one. The others are mostly white with some grey feathers. When I put out feed they initially keeps him away by pecking at him. Iam worried that he does not get enough. They are not tame enough for me to seperate him to...
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    Feed problem

    Does anyone have advice for picky geese. We could not get the brand we usually buy so we baught another brand. The geese refuse to eat it! It is not available in small quantities so we sit with 50 kilogram! Is there something I can do? They are 9 weeks old. The grass is not enough. They are...
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    space for geese

    My goslings are growing very fast now, now I have a problem with space. I do not want to be cruel to them so I do not know if they can be happy in a relative small space. The space we have is +/- 150 square meter and the 2 adults and the goslings in total are 8. We can feed them and there is a...
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    Goslings not looking good

    I am worried about our goslings. Yhey are a month old. My husband managed to catch one to take to the vet. He said to deworm them and he said they are in relative good condition. We could not catch them to deworm them so we put it in the drinking water and it seemed to work although I know the...
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    Agressive gander

    My gander is VERY aggressive to such an extent that I have a problem feeding them, my husband has tofeed them, for some reason he is accepted. Thats not really strange as all animals love him ans is instantly attracted to him. Using a broom I can keep him at a distance for a while but then he...
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    My goslings are growing

    My goslings are growing beautiful and just want to make sure, they run around but they also sit a lot. Is that normal? They run and then they just plonk down and continue eating in a sitting position. They look healthy I just want to make very sure they are ok. They are growing really fast! Some...
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    Gosling colour

    I have six goslings. One looks completely different from the other. I attach a photo, not very good as the gander will not let me get close. Does anyone know what he or she can be?
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    Gosling feed

    I am sorry I have been reading a threat and now I can't find it, my phone just went off. I am very worried now about the goslings feeding. They are 4days ald and growing like mad an running around on strong little legs. We cannot find any gosling crumble, we spent one day on the phone looking...
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    Gosling quiet

    I have no idea what is normal. Our gosling is no more than a day old and with or more accurately under the goose. The goose gets upset easy so I do not want to go too close. The gosling is completely quiet but looks quite healthy, is that normal? I only have experience with chicks that chirps...
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    Goose going back to nest

    Sorry, I know I am totally clueless! When our goose got up I went to the nest to at least try and make there not any rotten ones, she only has seven. When she saw me she went back to the nest without drinking, eating or bathing. How do I prevent this from happening again, she has become quite...
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    What to do with goose if eggs donot hatch

    How do I handle it if the eggs my goose is sitting on does not hatch. How do I handle her? Will she mourn if I just remove the eggs and break up the nest?
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    Gander seems depressed

    We have only twee geese. The goose is sitting on her eggs and now the gander seems depressed. He is not eating enough and sits with is head under his wing a lot? On the other had he is very vicious if against me so I cannot really go and have a look. For that we are giving he CBD oil on the...
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    Goose not sitting normal

    Our goose sitting very funny on her eggs and she mone out of the nest. She did not get up for two day so we took her off. She ate, drank and went back. That was yesterday but now I am worried. I att ch a photo. I am not home only my husnand until Friday so I cannot give more dtail.
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    What is normal young goose to lay eggs

    I have read the threads on goose laying eggs but I am still not sure what is right. Our goose, no idea how old she is but probably young, has laid 4 eggs one ever 2nd day. Yesterday she sat on the nest quite a long time but no egg. She got up and started acting normally eating etc. I did notice...
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    Ahgressive goose

    Our goose is very aggressive towards me. I do not think he was treated too well before we "inherited" him. With patience I got him better. He does not attack my husband only me. New people moved in and unfortunately he doesn't like new people. Heattacked them and instead of just gently pushing...
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    Geese fighting or mating

    I have two geese, I do not know their gender. I will enclose a photo. One is big one small. We have had a problem with someone hurting the big one making him or her very aggresive. Now we have them in a space that is not as big as they are used to and they cannot get to their pool so we got a...
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    Is it angel wing

    Sorry, I am not sure if something is wrong with our little goose. I cannot get a prper photo as they are not that tame. I am worried about their diet. All we can get is duck pellets. There is very little grass here so I am very worried. The little one also eats corn which is probably not a good...
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    Goose noises

    I do not know too much about the noises geese make. I more or less "inherited" one and bought him or her a friend. I'll post a photo. What I would like to know is what noise can be considered normal. The big one seems to screem sometimes very different from honking. The little one makes soft...
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    Size of goose

    The owner of the place we stay had 2 geese. One died and because does really care for them we sort of took over the one left. I have written about him on this forum we got him a friend, must be some mixed breed because hy is very small but it was we could get. They seem quite happy with each...
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    Is my goose molting?

    It is me and the goose again that we had to "adopt" because the owner of the property does not really do anything. He or she is still alone because we cannot find another goose we can afford and the property is not ours so we cannot really do anything. I know he or she is supposed to eat mainly...
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