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  1. quetsweyo

    Hey my pigeon

    Hi. When it puffs up its feathers and tucks its beak in its just chillin'. If its eyes are orange/red, its a boy. My pigeon bathes when it wants to, usually in the dog's big water bowl. I check my pidge by spreading the feathers around his bottom and looking at the skin for bird lice...
  2. quetsweyo

    duck with labored breathing

    half mallard, half campbell duck, approx. 2 months old has labored breathing with bobbing tail, no appetite for starter mash. Mouth closed, eyes and nostrils clear. drinks water and eats bugs with relish but wont eat mash or scratch grains. Poop normal. i am forcing wet, ground mash down her...
  3. quetsweyo

    no uploads at library

    very disappointed. the library has restrictions on the software in my digital camera and i cant upload . never be able to show all these pictures ive much for rhis technology. quetsweyo **Heavily edited** for you poor, sensitive souls who are offended by exclamation marks...
  4. quetsweyo

    Is it normal for ducklings hatched a day apart to be different in size

    I've hatched 3 batches of duck eggs and in my limited experience I've seen all the bigger ducklings to be drakes. I don't know if that is always the case or not, I am new to this. Quetsweyo
  5. quetsweyo

    dog surprises officer after being freed from fence (video)

    undefined:/ I love a happy animal rescue but cant watch videos on my RinkyDinkÂbrand phone. Could someone please! describe what happens? Thanks, quetsweyo
  6. quetsweyo

    Two-week hatch done at last!

    undefined:lol: Thirteen mixed ducklings from 1 day to 2weeks old, it's a free for all! Lost track of how many CampbellXRunners there are but last 3 for sure Last one's name is Shorts. Rest are blueXfawn/white Runners. I can't wait to see how they feather out, they are so danged cute now...
  7. quetsweyo

    poll: are you legal or an outlaw?

    I went and checked coz i figured lame as this town is it would be illegal but found out im legal after all. Even roosters! Glad i checked out your post, thanks- quetsweyo
  8. quetsweyo

    Lookin' for Juggalos!

    undefined:lol: its Old Folk Story Time. . .i used to work with several wild and crazy young men. I listened to Slayer, Testament, old Metallica, Marilyn Manson, etc., or JS Bach, Scarlatti, and assorted Baroque harpsichord music. One day Ben gives me this CD sez I think youll like this...
  9. quetsweyo

    Lookin' for Juggalos!

    Ive been politically incorrect for 55 years. I just love those boys, the sons i never had. Im listening to Riddle Box right now, take my mind off The Bummer. dtchickens, thats great info. I was tryin to loo at poultry pages tonite but doesnt come up on my phone. Im worried a...
  10. quetsweyo

    COME ON Duckling limp, gasping, sudden

    Its not too warm, he died a few minutes ago. Id like to know why but im crying right now it was sudden he was running around with other eating and drinking maybe an hour ago. Ill be back later
  11. quetsweyo

    COME ON Duckling limp, gasping, sudden

    A 3 day duckling that was fine an hour ago found panting, gasping. Limp in hand, rapid pulse, failing fast. Tried water, gently felt crop, throat-felt nothing. Lying on my chest, struggles a little, colapsed-heart stil beat mouth 2 mouth help not breathing heart still slow
  12. quetsweyo

    PLEASE HELP ME! Face being eaten? Beaks gone???? Help! GRAPHIC PICS!!!

    Havent seen anything since last night, hope you are ok. There are some creative ideas out there. Moles, worms, snakes, chupacabra? I guess by now what you need is some rest. Good hunting, q
  13. quetsweyo

    Mid-life identity crises #4

    undefined:/ i think i need to change my username/alter ego. Quetsweyo used to zip around from wilderness to wilderness in beloved kia sportage, running dogs, walking the woods off-trail, fishing, seeing wonders of nature. Now its stuck at home, futzing around on rinky-dink phone-puter...
  14. quetsweyo

    Lookin' for Juggalos!

    undefined:D thanks dtchickens, you told me more than ive learned after hours online. Early days, i have plenty birds to care for now! ( 4 ducks, 5 2-month pullets, 11 new ducklettes & 3 more about to pip). Juggalos are a little frisky! My favorite cop quote that ive heard constantly for 35...
  15. quetsweyo

    Lookin' for Juggalos!

    undefined:D a Juggalo is a person who is hooked on the music of the insane clown posse, twiztd, etc. I may be the oldest one, 55. Cant help it! dtchickens, i saw you are a breeder of shamos-i am interested in malays but as a novice how do you get the experience to handle such a warrior...
  16. quetsweyo

    Lookin' for Juggalos!

    Out of the millions of peeps on byc i wuz wondering if there are any other Juggalos or Juggalettes out there Q.
  17. quetsweyo

    Abrupt end to post

    undefined:cool: solved it myself. When msg ends in mid sentence switch from normal screen to widescreen and, voila, rest of msg appears. Q
  18. quetsweyo

    More From my Hateful Neighbors

    Sorry if i got it wrong, i saw somewhere it said you put down and re-homed but not why. Im not going to fight with my crap phone trying to find it again, i couldnt even find my 1st msg earlier. What is so special about this house that youd be willing to put up with all that crap? I...
  19. quetsweyo

    More From my Hateful Neighbors

    undefined:/ i posted thi s ? yesterday but it has vanished into the BYC Ether. You said you had an animal put to sleep coz of this - what animal? Why? Why cant you keep bunnies in house, out of sight? You volutarily moved into a Stalag and sounds like you want to tell the Kommandant what...
  20. quetsweyo

    Don't Dismiss This Post!!!!!!!

    undefined:D I love your idea! I am planning a duck house for when i am able to start building again and am going to incorporate it into it - i will have to start over but i gotta wait til July 5th to rent a truck or van any way. Have you or any peeps tried putting a 'green roof' on a coop...
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