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  1. J

    Help for polish chick

    I have a young polish chick that has started sneezing. Have had this happen in past with polish and I dont know what to do to keep them alive.
  2. J

    Sexing a 2 week old chick

    Hen or roo?
  3. J

    2 chicks closed eyes

    I recently got a group of chicks and noticed my 2 polish chicks gaping for air and scratch at their eye which was closed. Thought at first gape worm, but thinking more an irritant or respiratory infection. They are a little better now and still eat and walk around, but once in a while one would...
  4. J

    Help for my silkie roosters!

    I have 2 silkie roosters lethargic and not eating, trouble standing up, both over 2 years old. I have checked for lice and see no discharge. Just need to know what I can possibly do to try to save them. I have included pics of them and ones poo.
  5. J

    New chicks dying. Help!

    I got 6 cochin buff orpington chicks this past weekend at a week old. I've lost 3 and don't know if it's illness or what. I have them in a home made brooder with a heat bulb lamp on them and on medicated feed. Other 3 seem fine now, pecking in the brooder at their feed and drinking. I don't know...
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