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    how long can chickens be separated without forgetting each other

    I have 13 9 week old pullets. So far they were brooded and raised in one coop. They are getting big enough that some of them need to be moved to our second coop. Our original plan was to position both (theoretically mobile, in practice extremely difficult to move) coops close to each other and...
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    what am I missing about hawks?

    We have 5 week old chicks which we have been letting out during the day from the coop where they live into a run located between our house and our garage, with a large overhanging maple tree, and several other large trees nearby. At first I thought the closeness to the house and the trees (ie no...
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    Help ID mystery chicks

    Hi! I hope you can help me figure out the breeds of these chicks. After 2 years of debating, our municipality suddenly approved chickens 3 weeks ago, so I immediately ordered chicks: McMurray's choice layers, which were supposed to be 15 females which will lay different colored eggs; plus a...
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