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  1. rocking2r

    Raising Meal Worms-to separate or not to separate

    I started a colony of meal worms. Now they are going crazy breeding and producing mealworms, beetles, etc in my fish aquarium. Do I separate the beetles from the meal worms? If so, how is the easiest way? Do I leave the used wheat bran in the bottom of the aquarium? Or do I replace it with...
  2. rocking2r

    What killed my chicken?

    What killed my hen? It’s bottom was eaten out and the insides were eaten. It was found in the hen house covered up with pine shavings on the floor. It looked like something hid it to come back and eat it later.
  3. rocking2r

    How to discourage hens from tearing up my flower bed with bark mulch.

    My free range chickens LOVE to scratch around in my flower bed with bark mulch. They throw it out of the bed, and into the porch. It’s a terrible mess ! Can I put something in the bed that will stop this behavior? Maybe something like Sevin? Or something that is safe that will drive the...
  4. rocking2r

    Respiratory disease

    Can chickens get well from respiratory diseases if left untreated ? One of my chickens has a raspy sound when she breathes. But she has good appetite and is acting normally.
  5. rocking2r

    Feeding dog food to molting chickens?

    You suggest feeding dog food to molting chickens to increase their protein intake. I assume your mean dry kibble, but does anyone have a suggestion as to how much to feed, or what brand?
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