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    Barnevelder colours

    Hi I'm planning on breeding Barnevelders. I would really like to breed blue laced ones but struggling to find any hatching eggs. If I cross a gold laced barnevelder cockerel over a blue laced hen will I get 50% gold and 50% blue or does it not work that way. Also if I cross gold laced...
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    Sexing Cream Legbars

    Hi please can someone tell me if I have got this right. Girl on left and boy on right?
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    Chicks and water question

    Hi please can anyone help me, might be a silly question but just done my first hatch. (well 2 eggs left to go but not convinced they will hatch) Yesterday evening I had to move some older fluffed up chicks out of the incubator into the brooder early as I had a problem with a newly hatched one...
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    Black copper marans pullets or roo's

    Please can anyone tell me if these 2 are pullets or roos. Both are the same age but after looking at various pictures we're not sure if they are younger, they should be 15weeks now #1 #2
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    Hi everyone

    I'm from the UK but found this forum to be so full of invaluable information and advice I thought its about time I joined and introduced myself 🙂 So I started with 4 pekin bantams 2 years ago and totally got the bug. I now have 10 including the bantams some hybrids and marans and still want more 🤣
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