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  1. kwestley

    Please help, sick chicken and I don't know what to do!

    I have a brahma that is about 8 months old. She is not laying yet. Around Thanksgiving, I noticed that she stopped roosting at night and just stand quietly on one of the corners. I thought she was sick but she seemed to be ok. I posted her issue awhile ago, and the responses I had was because of...
  2. kwestley

    What is wrong with my chicken?

    On my last post, I decided to stop worry about her! And now, I think she is trying to kill herself!!!! Yesterday, I found her in the dark outside the coop by herself and it was below freezing! I thought she might get stuck...
  3. kwestley

    Hen not roosting with others

    My girls used to roost all together! Now about a month ago, one of my hens starts to sleep on the ground by herself. I keep an eye on her to make sure she is not sick. She seems to be well!! I decided to let her do her own business, but the problem that I encountered lately was the freezing...
  4. kwestley

    Frozen eggs!!!

    It's a very cold day in Anchorage! It was -11F this morning! My coop is insulated but it is still very cold inside the coop, so all my eggs were cracked open and solid frozen!! Arggghhh! At least my chickens are alive and well. This is my first winter of raising chickens! What do you do to...
  5. kwestley

    How many chickens are laying?

    Ok, so I have 8 chickens and they are around 25 weeks old. I am pretty sure that at least 5 of them are mature! But the maximum of eggs that I collect everyday is 3!!! And it alternates between 3 eggs and 2 eggs everyday!! I don't quite get it?!?!? Does it mean only 3 chickens are laying?
  6. kwestley

    Which hen laid this egg!

    I got 2 eggs today and one of them looks different than usual. I know one of my black sex links and barred rocks are laying and I recognize their eggs. Maybe it could be from my Easter egger? The one in the middle is the unknown one!
  7. kwestley

    First Snow!

    It was funny to see my girls react to the snow this morning. They were so excited to get out of the coop but when they reached at the end of the pop door, they stopped and stared!! They wouldn't move for awhile and then turned back into the coop!! I just check again, and they are still inside...
  8. kwestley

    Need ideas how to build ventilation in my coop

    Hi peeps, I live in Anchorage, Alaska and the winter is coming (believe it or not!!). I have 8 hens in a 10 x 10 coop and I believe it is insulated. I've been reading a lot about getting good ventilation during the winter, and my coop doesn't have any ventilation, except windows. I'm trying to...
  9. kwestley

    What time do your chickens lay?

    I always thought chickens lay eggs early in the morning, but mine lay around noon ish! So what time do your chickens lay??
  10. kwestley

    Who is ready to lay and who is not??

    They are all 20 weeks old!!!
  11. kwestley

    20 weeks and still no sign of laying

    I have 8 hens and they are 20 weeks old. This is my first year of raising chickens, so I am still learning about them! I have two black Sexlink, two buff Orpington, two barred rock, one brahma, and one Easter egger. The black sexlinks have big red comb and wattles. The barred rocks have small...
  12. kwestley

    New to BYC, Anchorage, AK

    Hi, I'm hoping to have some ideas about raising chickens in AK. We bought a house that came with a chicken coop already, so I thought it might be nice to have a few chickens in the coop. I have a few questions: 1. What kind of chickens breeds (eggs layer) that do well in Alaska? 2. As a new...
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