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  1. buckboy101

    Switching Feed

    Ok, so do you think I should just find a cheaper feed?
  2. buckboy101

    Hello. new member.

  3. buckboy101

    nest boxes

    If you want your chickens to start laying in your nesting boxes you should put wooden eggs or easter eggs filled with sand(to give them weight) in the nesting boxes that you are trying to get them to lay in. You can find wooden eggs at walmart or target. And also remember, hens like to lay in...
  4. buckboy101

    **Old English Game online poultry show!**

    The winner is........Rocky! This beautiful bird was submitted by sodabottlebantams. Congratulations!!! Thanks again for all the entries everyone!
  5. buckboy101

    Just when I bragged about my roo

    Haha! What kind of rooster is he?
  6. buckboy101

    Switching Feed

    Hey ya'll! I was wondering if I could swap my DuMor Layer Crumbles for just regular cracked corn and my chickens would still be fine. I think we all know that times are tough and money is tight, so I really need a cheaper feed solution. Please help if you can. Thanks so much!
  7. buckboy101

    **Old English Game online poultry show!**

    Hi everyone! This is a old english game online poultry show. To enter, just post a picture of your prize old english game chicken and put the name of your chicken with the post. You can also vote by posting replies, I will tally the votes after a couple of weeks and we will see who wins! Good...
  8. buckboy101

    Any light brahma experts out there?

    Well I have dealt with them before and no rooster has ever really been way bigger than the others, honestly it could be a rooster or just a fast maturing hen. Could you post a picture?
  9. buckboy101

    Want to order chicks....soon!

    Well, if you are getting newborn chicks, then they can't be in an area without a heat lamp. I brooded my in my basement, but if you are going to do it in your coop then you are probably going to need a closed off area with a sufficiant heat lamp. I hope everything works out! By the way......
  10. buckboy101

    New Rooster: Please help ID

    Well, he looks like he is part delaware, part indian river, and a little bit of maran. so, i really don't know what to call him. Nice looking rooster!
  11. buckboy101

    What is your

    Blue Wheatens are by far the best old english game birds in my opinion
  12. buckboy101

    HELP ME PLEASE! i dontbknow what to do!

    Just wait and let her sit on them.
  13. buckboy101

    Red chicken contest

    And the winner is........ Miss Red by JP101010
  14. buckboy101

    Is it the heat?

    YES,hahaha i live in hot and humid georgia it is supposed to be 103 where i live today
  15. buckboy101

    Even more newbie questions about setting up my coop

    Wow sounds like a 5 star chicken resort! THe sand should be in a big plastic container or in a wooden frame so it doesnt get every where. I use a shallow well plastic storage container and it works great!
  16. buckboy101

    Someone Please Help! Don't Know Breed........

    What two chickens mated to fertilize the top chickens egg?
  17. buckboy101

    Egg Stealing Chicken!

    Just continue to take them whenever she is sitting on them and eventually she will quit
  18. buckboy101

    Broody hen has three live eggs...

    Awesome, what breed is the chick going to be?
  19. buckboy101

    Sudden death of a chicken

    First off And the chickens could have choked or they could have been alergic to what you were feeding them altough that is really rare
  20. buckboy101

    Sudden death of a chicken

    First off, And about the chickens. They could have choked due to something they ate, or They may have been alergic to what you were feeding them but that is very rare.
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