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    My Easter egger and black copper Maran looks like they might be male?

    Out of the 6 chicks I received, now they are 7 weeks old and I’m starting to doubt if they are all pullets. Daphne my EE And copper is my black copper Maran. Daphne is larger and when she screams out her voice is different from the others. She’s always been the biggest chick but the most timid...
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    5 week old Easter egger still has questionable poops?

    My chick daphne had watery poop start about a week and a half ago, but had somewhat kind of normal poops in between. I assumed it was cause of heat stress. But now her poop is still watery, not formed well and has kind of white mucous to it I guess? I started exposing my chicks to the dirt from...
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    4 week old Easter egger has symptoms I cant link to cause

    I’m a new chick owner, first time, and trying to troubleshoot my chickens is turning to be a super challenge between me trying to take preventive action or just over thinking. My Easter egger daphne, for a couple weeks she has been sneezing pretty constantly compared to the rest. That initially...
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