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    Peachick poops colour changed, she is very dull and not eating much

    My 7 month old peachick is now looks very tired and she is not eating much and her poos colour is white liquid ,it is for the 1st time like this.please help ,I don't know what to do
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    Peachick 6 month old got injured in wings!!

    My 6 month year old peachick got injured in her wings ,there is no broken wings or anything,but there is a wound!.what do we do. My father tell me to apply betadin for healing, is that will help? Please answer ASAP
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    Can anyone help with the gender of my 2 peachicks

    I have 2 peachicks 3 months old. Can anyone please tell me their gender
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    Peachick Poop colour change with air gasping and mucus discharge

    my 3 months old peachicks have air gasping issues and their poop colour change . Also they are releasing a large amount of mucus.They have pink colour in thier neck..please help asap..i provided a link in can see thier issues.
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    So much nasal discharge from one peachick. Help ASAP

    My 3 month year old peachick ,today its face is covered with mucus and it is gasping for air.its one side of the neck is somewhat swollen and that part has pinkncolour..please help
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    Peachick asap

    My peachicks are 2 months old..From a week before they have are making a sneezing like sound and they have running nose issue(i think so) as they have some liquid near their beak holes. One of the peachick is now opening mouth most of times as if she have trouble in please help...
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