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    Check out these ducklings

    We have 2 Pekin drakes and a runner hen. The hen is hatching some eggs and a couple of the ducklings have dark colors. Is it possible a wild drake mates with our hen?
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    Today's pics of our flocks

    Can anyone tell me what breed is our big gray rooster? Doesn't really matter, I am just curious
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    Injured rooster

    Our big gray rooster suffered an injury or a bite from something and his left eye is swollen shut. Cleaned his injury with salt water and put some antibiotics in his water. He still eats, crows and mates the hens so fingers crossed it's not life threatening.
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    We are Greg and Lety. We have about 30 chickens. Cinnamon Queens, Aracaunas, bantams, mixes of the above and some big gray chickens that I've never seen before. I have been around chickens most of my life. We also have 4 Pekin ducks and 11 dogs. Yes the dogs are a mixed variety from our smallest...
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