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    Silkie pullet or cockerel?

    I have 2 almost 6 month old silkies. One is definitely a cockerel. First picture is my boy. The other pictures are of who I thought was a pullet but is displaying rooster traits. Her/his comb, wattles, coloring,tail feathers look different than my cockerel though. They came from the same...
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    Is my silkie a Roo?

    Darn, I kinda thought he was but was hoping for a hen. Thank you everyone. This is my first year raising chickens. So everything is new. Hope he will stay my little pal. He hangs out by me whenever I’m outside and likes to be held and scratched. Hope he keeps his ladies safe. 🤞🏼
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    Is my silkie a Roo?

    Is my silkie a Roo? She/he crowed this morning and is about 18 weeks old. Thank you!
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