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  1. TheFatBlueCat

    Probably the dumbest questions ever....

    Hi! I fill my winter runs with a thick layer of bark chip/wood mulch. It keeps the mud down and the poop dissolves into it. They scratch it all up and it slowly decomposes over time. I also use it on the coop floor, then cover that with whatever I'm using, shavings, straw, hay. It is a lot of...
  2. TheFatBlueCat

    Once Upon a Farm Flock Adventures

    Another introduction! Presenting Boss Lady. She is a light sussex hen. I also got her from the lady down the road, she is best friends with Opal. As you can probably guess, she was my head hen, but she now lives with Opal in the Old Lady run. The addition of a mature rooster proved too much for...
  3. TheFatBlueCat

    First time young broody has hatched

    Safest is to seperate. It is hard to say for sure, they might be fine or they might not be. I would seperate for the hatching process at least. Mama hens get very protective of their chicks, and the chicks could get trampled in any arguments that go on between hens. I keep my mama hens with...
  4. TheFatBlueCat

    Show off your roosters

    Yup it's the 13 Pro Max. I was going to get one too but it's just so darn big (well, and expensive, that's a whole new coop!). I have serious camera envy though.
  5. TheFatBlueCat

    Once Upon a Farm Flock Adventures

    Well, my husband is away on a work trip so I shall take the opportunity to continue this story. Otherwise I'd just be watching Netflix or some such. Here is a photo I found of the aforementioned Toes and Widget, being broody together. They raised two rounds of chicks together last season: I...
  6. TheFatBlueCat

    Once Upon a Farm Flock Adventures

    Hello and welcome to my flock story. It will be about my flock and occasionally you'll have to tolerate news about my garden or general goings-on that I find interesting. Everyone welcome! I live in the South Island of New Zealand. I have a wonderful husband and we have a mostly ☺ wonderful...
  7. TheFatBlueCat

    Show off your roosters

    My husband took it :) he IS a good photographer and also has a really swanky new iPhone so I'm just gonna say it's all because of the tool and not the talent hahahaha.
  8. TheFatBlueCat

    Someone save me

    Just as a note of hope, I've had a hen recover from a similar if not worse injury, in the same area. She recovered fully and even regrew the feathers. She was however never able to return to the flock and lives now in the old lady run with another flock reject that I removed before the same...
  9. TheFatBlueCat

    Show off your roosters

    I am little bit obsessed with how fabulous barred rock roosters are. This is Kowalski. Middle picture is Kowalski and his brother Rico the night before Rico went to become the king of a new flock down the road. The last picture is a glamor shoot when Kowalski was about 8 months old.
  10. TheFatBlueCat

    Do all chicken eggs taste the same ?

    How eggs taste has more to do with what the birds eat.
  11. TheFatBlueCat

    Do your hens go off their usual feed when they moult?

    Mine don't stop eating, but I don't feed them only commercial feed so perhaps that is a factor. So far none of mine have had severe moults, axtually their moults have been pretty unremarkable and egg laying just reducing and not stopping. Although most of them are not yet 2 years old. The 4 that...
  12. TheFatBlueCat

    Interesting rooster & hen interaction during egg laying

    What a cool story. I haven't seen that specifically but my rooster is constantly assisting his hens to find laying spots. They humor him by having a look and then go lay their eggs in the one box they all insist on. On another note, when my rooster grew up and 'took over' the flock, I had to...
  13. TheFatBlueCat

    chicken died last night, can I eat her now?

    Extremely well cooked it's not likely to cause you any problems but that is my belief and certainly not recommend food safety practice. I personally don't eat animals that die of natural causes but I don't actually think it's a problem. Many cultures wouldn't see it as any issue. I bury my dead...
  14. TheFatBlueCat

    Is $150 a hen fair for show Brahmas?

    The cheapest part of owning any animal is the purchase price. It is always my practice to get the best animals I can, and if that means spending that much money on what is a sure thing (adult or near adult show quality birds) then by all means it is likely a bargin. Hatching eggs from those...
  15. TheFatBlueCat

    Anyone ever kept a wild animal as a pet

    Not me personally but I knew a few people while I was growing up that kept a ferret and possums. Ferrets are not generally kept as pets in this country. I guess you can but I've never seen any for sale as pets. They are considered a bad pest, as are possums. The possums seemed to work out...
  16. TheFatBlueCat

    Lifestyle Block in our Future!

    So exciting! I'm also in NZ. I'd recommend getting started with a couple of sheep even if just for eating, they're a good starter ruminant. Goats are super cool and one of my favorite animals but their capacity for mischief is not understated. There are some very interesting rare breed sheep you...
  17. TheFatBlueCat

    Anyone compost with worms?

    Most of my chickens do eat them but they didn't initially. I feed them to the chicks when they are about 3-4 weeks old and ready to ignore their mum. Those chicks then grow up and teach the older hens that worms are a tasty treat. Chickens don't like to try new things. I am going to try a...
  18. TheFatBlueCat

    2nd opinion needed - replacing wheat with rice?

    Quite common to feed animal based feed here in NZ, but we do have a large red meat export industry so there is a lot of meat meal made as a by product. It's basically what they make dry/kibble dog and cat food out of. I buy it as a coarse powder and add to their soaked grain feed.
  19. TheFatBlueCat

    Anyone compost with worms?

    I do, sort of. The showed up in a compost bin so I decided to leave it as a worm farm, mostly to feed to the chickens and occasionally pull out the compost to add to new or new seasons garden beds. They breed like crazy in horse manure, I'd go with that as a base and add any scraps as an...
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