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  1. Hopperkiller

    Hawk near miss. Looking for clarity!

    Same here! Red tail hawk chased my full grown hens through a thick and huge rose bush and only quit when we went outside. Shrubs, decks, lawn furniture has aided my hens and the cottontails evade them. Red tails are territorial and tend to stay in a home area. Swanson and sharp shinned hawks...
  2. Hopperkiller

    Devastated! Warning Graphical

    Your fence charger and electric wire will stop most predators. It's a very good tool
  3. Hopperkiller

    Comment by 'Hopperkiller' in article 'Using Sand In Your Chicken Coop'

    I live on blackland prairie and the chickens killed the vegetation and scratched the coop and run lower than the outside area. We use to use river sand in our milk barn as a kids to raise the barn floor for easier cleaning. I had several yards of sand deliver and raise the floor about 6-8 inches...
  4. Hopperkiller

    Found 73 eggs!!

    Pardon my laughter, but now I dont feel so bad. I suspected 2 summers ago I had a yard nest when egg production dropped off. I checked every area I had found one before and what I thought would make a good place. Everytime I heard a hen squawking I ran outside to find that hen. This went on for...
  5. Hopperkiller

    Coronavirus, Covid 19 Discussion and How It Has Affected Your Daily Life Chat Thread

    In our area of north texas they report 3425 cases and 72 deaths. 10 of those in our county. Living in the rural far end of the county and close to a small town TP, dried foods, cleaning supplies are sporatic. The hoarding was caused when the media published what to stock up on. Saw idiots...
  6. Hopperkiller

    Where/how do you store your feed?

    A metal trash can is what works here. Since the handle on the lid will leak if outside i siliconed it shut. I leave mine in the open in my run in case i spot a wandering coyote or migrating hawks. Ratlle the can and the rooster calls them in. Rodents eat through everything else here.
  7. Hopperkiller

    What do you do with all those eggs?

    Cajun pickled eggs!!!! DANG you got my attention. Never heard of a Cajun style but Cajun food is one of my favorites. Gotta look it up.
  8. Hopperkiller

    Strangest/Funniest Places Your Free Range Hens Lay

    I passed up looking in that bucket several times before I found them. Now I check the goofiest most outlandish places since I have been schooled by the gals!
  9. Hopperkiller

    Keeping Older Hens

    I purposely have received a friend's older layers sine I wasn't interested in their egg production. I seek insect control mainly grasshoppers. If only they would eat fire ants they would be perfect. But now I can use minimal insecticides on my place. My shrubs and fruit trees are protected by...
  10. Hopperkiller

    Strangest/Funniest Places Your Free Range Hens Lay

    I found a yard nest of 2 dozen in a 5 gallon bucket with 4 inches of rusty nails I pulled reclaiming some wood. I had been looking forward a yard nest over a week. Finally had to sit in side yard and waited for the egg song. I never even thought to look in the nail bucket when I searched to he...
  11. Hopperkiller

    Is it OK to leave my chickens locked in the coop for the winter?

    Let them out after lunch each day. They generally lay in mornings and you can try to set their pattern. Keep aware of how many eggs each day and if their is a dramatic drop look for the spot you think they wouldnt lay and check for yard nests. Anytime mine start yard nesting i keep them in...
  12. Hopperkiller

    Deterring night time predators?

    The coyotes here live on the wooded branch 350 yards behind my house. They wont play by the rule of laying up midday. Lol. I see coyotes regulaly midday and even a bobcat. The network of wooded creeks and draws within a half mile is like a highway since the 5 year drought broke. Rodent...
  13. Hopperkiller

    Deterring night time predators?

    Nighttime predators? Coyotes are 24 hour predators! Lost a hen that wouldnt stay with group two days ago. I was outside filling troughs, running table saw in driveway, dogs barking and noticed i was one short. The previous 3 attacks were at noon within 20 feet of the hose and dog pen. I adjusted...
  14. Hopperkiller

    Review by 'Hopperkiller' in article 'Paleo Frittata'

    Looks good until i saw sweet potato. Reckon i will have to sub a red potato and try it. Thanks
  15. Hopperkiller

    Comment by 'Hopperkiller' in article 'Turkey grit in run'

    Your timing is immpeccable! Someone gave me an unused frame without the tarp in the box. Im have been toying with expanding my coop run area using this frame. Looking at your photos is very helpful. Good job! Looks like a sprintime project for me!!
  16. Hopperkiller

    Comment by 'Hopperkiller' in article 'Maria's Chicken Coop'

    Chicken economics does strange things to our wallets. I spent that much building mine with only a plan in my head. Nearly fainted when my wife balanced our account. I thought she was kidding at first. My remodel and design changes were done with frugality in mind. Now im thinking of a second...
  17. Hopperkiller

    This is why you should cover your feed!

    Tell him a high powered pellet rifle will shoot holes through expensive water hoses. I learned this busting cotton rats raiding my coop. Also dont use a green hose. Looks like grass behind the rodents.
  18. Hopperkiller

    This is why you should cover your feed!

    Hate to tell you but a lid on a plastic container wont help much. They will chew through the bottom corners. I tried a large plastic rolling trash barrel that was too high for them to jump then found a chewed hole in bottom corner. I went to the store and bought metal lidded trash cans and...
  19. Hopperkiller

    What’s In A Name?

    I read men are from mars and women from venus back in the 80's which still made no sense. I just follow my dads advice and say yes and agree then go about your business. Now im teaching my wife how to use hand power tools for her craft projects so im less involved in making useless yard art...
  20. Hopperkiller

    What’s In A Name?

    I dont even butcher one of my calves cuz i married a city girl this time around. She feeds the wild rabbits so there aint no way she will let me shoot one. I give my excess venison to some of my kids and grandkids cuz she now is not wanting venison. With a wife daughters and grandaughters...
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