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  1. Hopperkiller

    Reckon another snake in area!

    Even though i never have seen what a snake does to an egg i believe this is snake sign. I have caught 2 ratsnakes in my nest boxes last month or so. Today i found one egg in one nest box and this in another. Its flattened and softened. I know snakes reguritate food items when caught in the act...
  2. Hopperkiller

    Boy did i ever screw up!!

    As a happily retired 65 yea old guy who lives out of town on 10 acres with chickens, cows, and a pack of spoiled mutts(5) i found retirement income pays the bills but not much extra for projects. I have taken up woodworking and small engine repairs from where i left off in 1973. I had changed to...
  3. Hopperkiller

    Ole blue

    This is Blue! He is slightly over a year old and he found a home at my place. The problem I have is he is a crossbreed. I have been trying to figure him out. The lady who needed 2 roosters trade two young pullets to my friend for a brown leghorn and an andalusion rooster. One pullet was an...
  4. Hopperkiller

    Investigating Technology and old guy collide

    I finally figured out how to get picture on my android tablet to a place to upload. I decided to try to creare and album of remodelling my coop which i did. However my first photo is now the last page. I stayed up till midnight trying to reverse the order of the pictures so it doesnt have to be...
  5. Hopperkiller

    Good morning

    Just joined and not very good with computer. I obtained a dozen pullets last spring for the specific purpose of attacking the grasshoppers that have been plaguing my hose for years. Pesticide killed things I didn't need to get rid of such as toads and garden spiders and even snakes. Sorry I...
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