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  1. Jabebee13

    Chick with messed up neck bone

    It's like the goiter is at the side and it's not full.
  2. Jabebee13

    Age doesn't matter on BYC

    Being over 18 it's a little difficult....even though I go on Yahoo answers where users age 13 are allowed. But BYC... I even have the number 13 in my name. And I can't pretend to be that age. I sound like an old grandma to others maybe.
  3. Jabebee13

    Farm store bought chicks. Feeding them medicated food.. is it okay? 4 weeks old.

    Farm store bought chicks. Feeding them medicated food.. is it okay? 4 weeks old.
  4. Jabebee13

    Can bantam chickens breed with standard size chickens

    Will embryos stand a chance to become hatchlings?
  5. Jabebee13

    Muslim book

    Sunrise At Madinah story by Zakaria Bashier
  6. Jabebee13

    Tuna and grit

    I learned I can mix tuna and grit. Other treats they ignore the grit. It's a good way to get them to have grit. As chickens will eat anything. What do you feed your juvenile or full grown chickens?
  7. Jabebee13

    APA stands for

    American Poultry Association? Or what? They don't recognize some breeds. I.e. production black.
  8. Jabebee13

    Bald belly guinea

    I love my guineas... I took a picture. And she flew into the chicken brooder. I had to find the guinea in the haystack. Chicken stack.
  9. Jabebee13

    Tea and honey

    Rambling about breakfast and lunch and tea. With honey. I am recovering from being hit by a car on a mountain bicycle. I do have chickens and guineas. I feel good enough to take care of them. I took pain pills once yesterday. I am in my 30s. Young 30s. No pain pills today. I'm going to make tea...
  10. Jabebee13

    3.5 week Buff Orpington

    Big feet. Growing comb
  11. Jabebee13

    Lethargic and blind guinea with diarrhea

    A guinea fowl seems to be dying. At first I thought it was a bad leg. Then I realized that it's the eyes. It didn't poop on the car ride it had from boyfriend place to mine. It had diarrhea after not pooping. The bird doesn't make noise. I was able to hold it without it freaking out. Lethargic...
  12. Jabebee13

    Rooster takes a lady not his

    24 hens and two roosters. What would you do if standard rooster stole Japanese bantams hen? Like stealing his girlfriend.
  13. Jabebee13

    3 foot wide brooder

    By 1.5 foot wide. How many chicken babies can fit comfortably as they grow
  14. Jabebee13

    Is grower for roosters

    What age or chicken type need grower
  15. Jabebee13

    Tinted egg verses Easter egger

    The breed of Russian Orloff verses the egg of a EE... Is tinted egg somehow better? I currently don't have EE. I want to get both and raise together.
  16. Jabebee13

    Bing search no - whistling

    My boyfriend says the guineas are whistling. I'll see them tomorrow. I had six guineas before. They didn't whistle. I have 11 white guineas. 2 regular grey cuties.
  17. Jabebee13

    Pullet or roo avatar

    Here is a bigger version of my avatar. 3 weeks old. Growing wattles? It crows.
  18. Jabebee13

    Do you name your guineas

    White guinea - Snowy? 2. Starlight. 3. Male - II Premiere ii, Miss It Er, Miss Lovely, Miss Wooly, Lana (italian for wool), Miss Feathery, 9. Sequin 10. Shiny 11. Unnamed. White guineas. And Jennifer and Cutie are grey guineas. Brown as babies. They change feathers. . Naturally. What process is...
  19. Jabebee13

    Siamese / Himalayan cats anyone?

    Here are pics of my baby a year and a half old. Female fixed cat. Spayed.
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