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    Thank you ! I am such a sucker when it comes to my girls. They are so spoiled ! I have to give them all names, that way I think of them more as pets. ;~)
  2. kinsey228

    Comment by 'kinsey228' in article 'Happy Hens'

    Because she runs up next to me and squawks until I pick her up and pet her. If I put her down and pet one of the other girls, she wedges herself in between us as if she is jealous. If she could purr, I bet she would ! :~)
  3. kinsey228

    Happy Hens

    Happy Hens. These are some of my girls. I have a few more that aren't pictured because they won't stay still enough for me to take their pics, and the others are rescues and are in rough shape. When they're all better, I'll post their pics too :) This is our first flock, and we have had some...
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    OUR LITTLE FLOCK My Husband, our two Kids and I have a nice quiet little place in western Maine where we live with our Springer Spaniel, Suzie, our mutt Cat, Alice, and a nice assortment of chickens. So far, we have 4 Golden Comets, 3 Leghorns, 3 Easter Eggers, 1 Australorp, 1 Buff Orpington...
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