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  1. ChooksinChoppers

    Cream legbars

    I thought we had a section here where one could read about all the different breeds? Anyways..Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I was here. I just got a bunch of cream legbar chicks and I love them! and the cute little mohawks. what are they like as adults? Photos please?
  2. ChooksinChoppers

    Sick hen with diarrhea. Fowl Cholera? Need advice please

    My 3 year old Speckled Sussex hen apparently missed the bed time call last night as I was surprised to see her hunched down by the coop door this morning before I had let any of them out. I went in and did my usual routine of food in the feeders and water top up and let the rest out thinking the...
  3. ChooksinChoppers

    Vulture keeps landing in my yard

    Would it be after the chickens? They all free range all day. I have not seen a lone vulture before have you? I live out in a farming area and we have hawks but never seen vultures before and there is nothing dead in my yard for sure! Do they go after live prey? How do I get rid of it? Right now...
  4. ChooksinChoppers

    Broody hen- best way to move her?

    Finally one of my speckled sussex hens has gone broody (I think) (first time) she has been in the coop all day and when I went to do the afternoon egg check (mine lay all day long) there she was on the most popular nest all hunkered down. That nest is just a pile of clean straw on the floor of...
  5. ChooksinChoppers

    Banded Pigeon came to live with us

    And thanks to 3Bird's post and all you helpful lovely people, I knew just what to do. She? was hanging out with the chickens at first helping them eat their morning treat of scratch and then after she got chased off a few times she decided to hang out with me on the back deck. I caught her a...
  6. ChooksinChoppers

    Chooks is back in business!

    Just got my order from Cackle today and after a few years break the chook house is full :D We have black silver Wyandotts, Salmon Faverolles and Speckled Sussex! I am thrilled with them all. Cackle put in extras so we have a total of 28..still a little in shock going from 0 to that number :eek...
  7. ChooksinChoppers

    I'm back

    It's been a while (a few years now) since I have been on this forum and I haven't had chickens for a couple of years...but decided to get a new flock this year. I am looking at Faverole and cream legbar and Jubilee Orphingtons . Nobody around here has those breeds so will be searching for...
  8. ChooksinChoppers

    Will worming hens effect eggs for hatching?

    I know you shouldn't eat the eggs after worming your chickens....but can they still be used for hatching?
  9. ChooksinChoppers

    How long with rooster until eggs are fertile? + agressive hen

    My neighbor had a lone pet hen but he recently moved...she went broody under his porch out of reach and we finally got her out of there today (with her 10 eggs) moved her over here into a spare pen. She is still having a hissy fit if the rooster comes over to the fence (or any of the other free...
  10. ChooksinChoppers

    I think peafowl are smarter than chickens

    I have an adopted peahen that just showed up here 2 months ago and I'm quite surprised at how quickly she has settled in with all the other critters here. She ( Sweetpea) quickly learned by day 2 to hop into the chick growout pen to get her food and quickly realized the dog and 2 barn cats (or...
  11. ChooksinChoppers

    Young Roo getting a bit agressive towards me

    He started a couple of weeks ago...kinda sneaking up behind me wing flapping and crowing and taking short runs at contact yet but I sure would like how to put him in his place before that happens! any hints please?
  12. ChooksinChoppers

    Incubating and Broody sitting at same time

    Started some eggs in the bator on the 9th and then a week later one of the newly laying hens goes broody! She was sitting on a golf ball so I took it out and gave her a couple of eggs instead which she has been sitting on 3 days now.....the other 2 hens have stopped laying because she is hogging...
  13. ChooksinChoppers

    Our home made "Never-have-to-open" Incubator

    Daughter and I have been working on this one for a while and it got shelved for a long while when we moved, summer too hot, non laying hens...well lots of reasons LOL So I was given this cooler a couple of weeks ago and my crazy hens decided to finally lay after I started them on fermented...
  14. ChooksinChoppers

    New to Peafowl need advice please

    I am thinking of buying a 3 week old white chick someone has for sale nearby. I currently have 1 coop and 10 chickens which free range during daylight hours. Is it ok to just have 1 peacock or should I buy 2? can't really afford 2 though :( He wants $60 each ... do I have to scramble and build...
  15. ChooksinChoppers

    Rain/Thunderstorms/more rain every day/more thunderstorms....but wait

    Is that sunshine I see????? yes!! ahhh lets get dry and warm All in heap together
  16. ChooksinChoppers

    Not a breed or gender question but a "funny feather" question

    I have 4 young "favacaunas" and have noticed just recently this ones feather development at her upper neck area. Just 3 or 4 feathers "stick out" any ideas? she is one of my favorites out of the 4..named her biscuit. :D All 4 have 5 toes and feathered feet and muffs.
  17. ChooksinChoppers

    Water Feature for Chickens?

    I havn't finished my coop yet but I would to have some sort of water feature/fountain for my chickens...I have lots of rocks and sand and was thinking along thel linesof a bird bath (low down forthem to drink outof)...overflowing into a sand type beach. We live in Florida and I think my...
  18. ChooksinChoppers

    Day 20 hatch baby scared me to death

    Yesterday one of my Lav silkied AM's hatched ..we were good and stepped away from the bator LOL but when she finally got free of the shell she was dragging around a long stringie thing (umbilical cord?) Today that had dried and wrapped itself around her leg but fell off...whew! now thats she...
  19. ChooksinChoppers

    Owl attacked my duck

    The night before last the barn owl attacked one of my ducks...they are the same size as the owl now! I never would have thought an owl would attack something its own size. So poor ducky has a wound on the back of her neck which bled quite a bit but had stopped by morning. She is eating ok and...
  20. ChooksinChoppers

    My ducks are driving me crackers!

    We have 4 Pekins..Daffy, Daisy, Dolly and Donald...who we have had since 1 week old. First off let me say that everything everyone told me is true! They grew so fast and they are only 2 months? old...anyways they have learned so much in such a short time. They know the sound of my back door...
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