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  1. RedJungleFowl

    Sumatra Chicken flying

    Can they really fly? Web sites states that they're the only breed to still be able to retain the flying ability. Thus, it lead me to wonder if they can take off like a pheasants if they needed too? At least that's what one site has told me they could. Maybe the bantam version could? But the...
  2. RedJungleFowl

    MN live poultry selling

    Hi I live in MN and I was wondering if there's any place in mn that people come together to sell their chickens?
  3. RedJungleFowl

    Cackle Hatchery red jungle fowl

    For those folks who bought some rjf from cackle hatchery if u don't mine can you show me some photo of them in their natural habitat because the photo on their site isn't good and they don't look like rjf but rather more like oeg.
  4. RedJungleFowl

    Fix messy feather

    Hi I'm pretty sure you guys have encounter your chickens having those feather mainly on their wings or tails that is messy and looks torn ish you understand what I meant and I was wondering if there's any way I could like oil it so it can stick back together instead of waiting for the chickens...
  5. RedJungleFowl

    St.Paul east side

    So I have some cousin who lives on the east side of st.paul and they were wondering about the laws of raising chickens on the east side or in st.paul also if a rooster is allow! How much would it cost or anything!
  6. RedJungleFowl

    Pictures of standard OEG Hens

    I always wonder how a standard OEG Hen and Rooster look compare to the bantam size! Also roosters who haven't been dubb yet for standard size !
  7. RedJungleFowl

    Welsummer or nah

    So I recently bought this rooster and was wondering if it was a welsummer if it a welsummer I would like to have some in the future ! FYI he was bought to eat and he was flighty and I wanted him to enjoy being out for a bit...
  8. RedJungleFowl

    Cardinal babies gone !

    So the other I spotted a cardinal nest and in it was three chicks and I just spotted on sunday and when I went to check on them on wednesday they were gone!! And I looked online and it says that they will leave the nest once they are 7-13 days old so is that true??
  9. RedJungleFowl

    Mother hen vs hawk

  10. RedJungleFowl

    Flying/Jumping picture of chickens

    I always enjoy seeing chickens flying ! So anyone who has any please share !!!!
  11. RedJungleFowl

    Did this ever happen in your flock????

    its so cool if my chickens would do that !!
  12. RedJungleFowl

    Ginger red ogb show off !!!

    Hi I use to own one ginger red oeg hen but sadly she pass away so I wanted to see more of how a fully grown ginger red oeg would look like !!!!
  13. RedJungleFowl

    Chickens with Partridge color contest !!!!

    Hi for all of those who has any rooster or hens who has a partridge color or like the photo below please post it up !!! Now the time to show it off to those who owns them and for those who don't to see how they look like. Not my rooster ! Now these are mine !!!!
  14. RedJungleFowl

    How many leg horns are there?

    So from what I know there's more than one type of white leghorn am I right if so can u please tell me the difference?
  15. RedJungleFowl

    Chicken survive hawk attack!!!

    A cool video I've found :)
  16. RedJungleFowl

    Animal control or nah!

    So my neighbor has these two dogs a big one and a small one and for some reason they are always outside with no owner there and they run around the neighborhood freely. This is like the 33443523 time they been out ever since I was a third grader up to now (I'm 20 now )yet no one has ever call...
  17. RedJungleFowl

    Chicken fighting back

  18. RedJungleFowl

    Mama duck attacking sea gull

  19. RedJungleFowl

    Power of mother hen :)

    Video says it all enjoy :)
  20. RedJungleFowl

    Are they black Australorp????

    So I bought two Black Austarlorp rooster from the farm and was wondering are they really australorp b/c one has yellow legs and they both have some little mix color feather on their hackel.
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