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  1. Chicken Vet Of Our Flock

    Hen is sick and has slimy poop

    Anyone know what’s wrong with this hen? The symptoms are her tail is down her comb is a bit tilted She’s weak She pooping green yellow slime no apetite stoped laying eggs about 2 days ago empty crop she feels alot warmer than normaly
  2. Chicken Vet Of Our Flock

    Rooster sick with upper respiratory infection i need some advice

    My rooster bob got sick a while ago and im guessing from low immune got it again. hes lethargic, wont eat or drink and wont sit only stand. He ruffles his feathers, and stays hunched, and i believe its a problem with his lungs again. i gave him a dose of tylan 200 in the morning by mouth...
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