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  1. GardenGal

    Chicken Breed Focus - Welsummer

    I got a couple of Wellsummer chicks this spring and just love their personalities! So far they are calm, happy, not easily spooked, and not scared of people. None of which I can say for my Marans chicks!
  2. GardenGal

    The Story of the Crazy Chicken Lady

    And oh my Goodness! Those ducklings are cute!
  3. GardenGal

    The Story of the Crazy Chicken Lady

    I enjoyed your saga. Thanks for sharing and taking in so many animals :)
  4. GardenGal

    Roost height?

    Higher than the floor of the nesting boxes, I would say. There is quite a range in perch height, depending on if you have small or large chickens. Mine are about 20" off the floor of the coop, not including the inches of pine shavings. Have fun!
  5. GardenGal

    Mary Ann finally gets a dirt bath :)

    After that I heard these strange rustlings in the coop and discovered Mary Ann was so desperate to forage she'd scratched through the deep litter down to the floor. It was like an archealogical dig finding their food and water! So today they get an outdoor brooder :)
  6. GardenGal

    Things you never said until you had chickens.......

    I think it's a 1 - 4 ratio. Because you might lose one of the new ones. Maybe it's a 1 - 6 ratio :)
  7. GardenGal

    Mary Ann finally gets a dirt bath :)

    Hard to do when you have five babies climbing all over you! These little lavendar Orps hatched during a rainy stretch and this was their first time out with Mamma. Pretty exciting!
  8. GardenGal

    Broody Hen Thread!

    Hi! My computer is freezing so I can't read up on all that's going on here. I just set 7 Lavendar Orpington eggs under my big old Light Sussex, Mary Ann. Had chickens for 3 years now, first time hatching though. And I told my husband no chicks this year :P And he hasn't even quoted that!
  9. GardenGal

    Comment by 'GardenGal' in article 'Chicken coop with a playground!'

    How exciting! I don't know how big your window is on the other side, but those little windows don't look like they'd do much for ventilation. Is the run going to have hardware cloth across the top? Raccoons do hunt in the day time if they need to. I would frame out the run and wire the top. Good...
  10. GardenGal

    Coop Suggestions?

    My connection is slow so I only looked at the Petco coop. Pretty cute, but if my math is correct it wouldn't hold many chickens. One thing about Silkies: they go broody a LOT. I'm dealing with my first broody hen and I had no idea how seriously a chicken can brood! I'm looking at the Cream...
  11. GardenGal

    My pretty girl.

    What a cutie, and what a gorgeous egg!
  12. GardenGal

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome to BYC! What kind of ducks are you getting? The four things I know about ducks: they really imprint on their humans, they need fresh water b/c they don't have tear ducts, they eat slugs (which you probably don't worry about in TX, but in WA it's a big deal), and their poop is really...
  13. GardenGal

    Our first brooder

    Looking good! Welcome to BYC!
  14. GardenGal

    Momma did WHAT??????

    I'm in love with your chicks!
  15. GardenGal

    Hope gets a bath!

    It brings tears to my eyes to see Hope with all her missing feathers and so much character and possibility in her face. What a special girl. I'm glad you found each other.
  16. GardenGal

    Fluffy Butt Luv...

    Awww, that was my warm and fuzzy moment for the morning
  17. GardenGal


    What a cutie. So sorry for your loss.
  18. GardenGal

    'Bird goes to work!

    No chicken diaper for Bird. Boy, he does like to live on the edge :)
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