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  1. chickencutie

    NEED TO REHOME Southwest MO

    Need to find a new home or homes for two male Eurasian collared doves. I hatched them earlier this year. They’re good boys, but aren’t getting along with the rest of the flock (parents and one sibling). I don’t have the adequate space to separate, so it’s in their best interest to find a new...
  2. chickencutie

    Pacing, panting, crying hen HELP

    My buff Orpington has been on and off antibiotics and metaclopramide for a month now. She initially was cleared by the vet after 2 weeks of sulfatrim, but it recurred and she was put back on meds a week ago. Today she has been in and out of a nest box and generally running around very anxiously...
  3. chickencutie

    Abnormal Poop post Antibiotics??

    My 2 year old Orpington recently was on sulfatrim for two weeks due to a suspected liver infection. It’s been a week since her last dose. She has since resumed laying (last egg two days ago). Her poop for the last week has been like this. Black and very liquidy, but still contains urate. Is this...
  4. chickencutie

    Chick Growth Chart, Smaller Breeds

    Does anyone know the average weight gain a Silver Spangled Hamburg and an Exchequer Leghorn should have? They are much smaller than their same age Cochin chick sibling. Today they are 6 weeks of age. The Hamburg weighed 280g and the leghorn was 270g. To me this seems small, but I have not raised...
  5. chickencutie

    Strange Eyes in 6 week old Chick

    I have a leghorn chick that has had this weird eye issue for possibly since she hatched, at least for the last three weeks that I could see. Both eyes are like this, no discharge or apparent respiratory problems. Seems like the skin around the eyes is stretched out? Any ideas?
  6. chickencutie

    Very watery poop, please help

    An adult Orpington has been having very watery poop overnight. Pictures are attached. The last few days her poop has been softer than usual but now it’s much worse. Still laying eggs. My first thought is parasites, but I’m not seeing an issue in the other hen.
  7. chickencutie

    Week Old Chicks- Lethargy?

    I have three week old chicks- Hamburg, leghorn, and Cochin. They arrived very spunky and active. Two nights ago I noticed the Hamburg sounding a bit crackly when sleeping on my shoulder, but she was not panting or showing other signs of stress. Very active, talkative, zoomy. Tonight the...
  8. chickencutie

    Shell-less Egg and No Yolk

    I have an almost 2 year old buff Orpington who has always been a good layer. On Friday she laid a normal egg late morning but then by evening was lethargic and refused food (she NEVER refuses food). A couple hours later she laid an egg with no shell, just the membrane, and no yolk. Pictures are...
  9. chickencutie

    Sebrights and Standards

    I have the opportunity to get 2 adult sebright hens, which is a breed I’ve always wanted but have never had. I currently have a flock of three adult hens- buff Orpington, speckled Sussex, and Easter egger. I highly doubt the Orpington will do anything, she’s too much of a sweetheart. My concern...
  10. chickencutie

    Thin, not laying

    I adopted an egger last year, she’s about to turn 5 years old. I was told she is not the most consistent layer. This year she started the laying season pretty strong, about every other day. All normal shelled eggs. It’s now been about two weeks since she’s laid at all, and she seems pretty sharp...
  11. chickencutie

    Hamburgs near Springfield MO

    Looking for a young Hamburg hen, preferably silver spangled. Will take chick or pullet. Just lost my favorite bird, a two year old silver spangled Hamburg, to cancer. I’m really missing her and her giant personality. Able to travel a reasonable distance to pick up. RIP Niwa
  12. chickencutie

    Bloody poop/intestinal lining?

    My 1 year old buff Orpington has been having bloody poop for a few days now. It also appears that there is intestinal lining sometimes. I know they shed lining periodically, but is it normal to be doing this multiple days in a row? I’m going to treat for coccidia just in case, but she’s not...
  13. chickencutie

    Hen ate foreign object!

    My buff Orpington ate styrofoam from a flooring underlayment roll. In total, she approximately ate a strip of 1”x3”. Is there anything I can do to help her pass it? Is this a veterinary emergency? Is it possible to give chickens something to help them poop, like mineral oil or an enema? I’m...
  14. chickencutie

    Panting hen/legs hot when roosting at night

    I have a buff orpington with a weird issue. During the day she acts completely normally, but at night she roosts and spends the night panting. Her legs also feel hot to the touch and she holds her wings out to disperse heat. Basically, she acts as if it's summer and she's trying to cool off. But...
  15. chickencutie

    Thin hen/not wanting to eat her diet

    I have a one year old hen who acts like she’s always starving. I’ve ruled out competition for food and she has free feeding access all the time. But she doesn’t seem to go through her grain that quickly and she’s always trying to eat my dove’s seed instead of her own diet. She is a thin bird and...
  16. chickencutie

    neuromuscular disorder?

    My 18 month old Dominique was born with messed up feet. Her toes turn in awkwardly and makes it hard for her to walk and hold onto things. Other than the fact that she was slow, she was otherwise normal. Recently, her walking has become terrible and she hardly walks at all. She acts like she's...
  17. chickencutie

    Prolapsed vent??? need help ASAP!

    today i came home after being away at a softball tournament for the weekend. i checked on the girls right away and noticed something hanging out of the one's butt. idk exactly if she's prolapsed but it looks kind of like a ball of intestines. however, she's been acting mostly like normal and has...
  18. chickencutie

    constant pecking at other hens. why??

    i have two small hens that are at the bottom of the pecking order. the one has a completely bald butt, she lost all of her feathers. the other one only has a couple left. i want to know why they seem to only go after the tail feathers and why they keeping pecking the bald spots even after we...
  19. chickencutie

    molting question

    do all chickens stop laying when they molt? B/c I have three hens who are the same age. 2 I'm pretty sure are molting b/c theyre looking kind of crappy and they have stopped laying eggs. My other one, although she looks like she's molting (she's missing a lot of tail feathers and her wings...
  20. chickencutie

    tail feathers being pecked off

    my 25 week old EE has been missing tail feathers for a couple months now and they aren't growing back? do they not come back at all once they're lost?? also, she now is frequently pecked there and bleeds every so often. i just wash it and put neosporin on. yesterday I noticed that the upper part...
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